4 Great Reasons to be a Teacher

High demand, summers off, shaping the future generation – these are all great reasons to be a teacher. With many states facing a teacher shortage, it’s important to consider why should you become a teacher – and what will the career path look like after you graduate. Our kids need you!

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4 Reasons to be a Teacher

There are several reasons to be a teacher, whether you choose to teach a specific area of study in high school, opt to work in special education, or want to help shape early childhood education. Here are a few that teachers (and those aspiring to be one) have said their reasons are for entering this workforce:

You Have an Impact on Children

One of the biggest reasons to become a teacher is the profound impact you can have on the children you’re teaching. You will be able to aid them towards success in academics, see them learn new abilities, and, hopefully, thrive.

You Can Inject Your Own Creativity

 Although states tend to have requirements for teaching curriculum, that does not mean you can’t add creativity to your work. You can decorate your classroom, develop unique projects for your students, and explore new ways to aid them in their education.

You Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is a major reason teachers say they love what they do. You’re directly impacting your city, state, and country, not just by teaching the students, but by preparing them for their careers after they graduate.

It Stays Challenging

Being a teacher is challenging – and that’s not a bad thing. Many employees had the drudgery of the same work day, day after day. Teaching is anything but. Challenges will keep you on your toes and help you stay engaged with your career.

What is the Career Outlook for Teachers?

There will always be a demand for teachers, and, currently, there is a very high demand for them. By 2030, its expected that 69 million new teachers will be needed around the world.

California alone is expected to be looking for 33,000 new math and science teachers alone in the next 10 years. South Dakota is one state that consistently lacks the number of teachers it needs to serve the student population. And, although Texas has high salaries for teachers, schools in the state are still not receiving enough applications to fill the demand.

It’s important to note, though, that states do have varying requirements for their teachers. While some only require a Bachelor’s degree, others do need teachers with a Master’s. Before you move to another state for job opportunities in teaching, be sure to look at the minimum requirements.

So are you interested in becoming a teacher? There’s no doubt it’s a very rewarding field – and one that will never be without demand. If you want to learn more about salaries, projected growth, and other details about this career, be sure to use our Career Finder tool.


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