7 Great Jobs For Former Teachers

Being a teacher can be a rewarding job, but it may not be the right one for everyone. Whether you’re leaving your teaching job because of location, hours, or pay, there are amazing careers and jobs for former teachers out there for you to succeed in. An education degree may be holding some teachers back from applying to careers outside the education world. We’re here to tell you that there is no better time to use your degree than now. No matter how many years you’ve been at your teaching job, if you’re finding yourself wanting to leave, you’ll want to consider some of the following careers.

Great Jobs for Former Teachers:

1. Project Manager

Teachers have great management skills since they write out lesson plans, implement them, and watch children at the same time. They can delegate their tasks and stay on course even through lesson changes. Project managers ensure projects are completed on time and watch over their team to make sure everything is running up to standard. The best part about project management jobs is that they’re available in almost every field of work!

2. Human Resources Representative

Human resource representatives are a necessary job that many teachers can succeed in. It requires great organization skills. You’ll have to use those skills to implement company policies and speak with other employees. Teachers have to resolve all types of issues in their classrooms which makes them good at handling disciplinary actions. The only difference is that it requires more paperwork. Also, the people you will be in charge of are much older than your typical students.

3. Writer

With a background in education, many teachers have a way with words. Teachers can become blog writers, ghostwriters for books, content writers, and more. Writing is such a lucrative career but many people don’t give it the time of day because it doesn’t seem like it would be. Think about it. Everything you see on the internet, in books, in magazines, and words that were even spoken on T.V. are all written by writers. Former teachers would do very well in a job like this and a lot of opportunities are remote so you can work from home!

4. Recruiter

Recruiters work to fill roles in other companies with applicants they find through their recruiting agency. Recruiters are crucial in today’s workforce. They are organized and help companies staff roles that recruiters are great at finding. To be a recruiter you have to have an eye for detail which many former teachers have. You are in charge of going through each applicant and seeing how their skills could help a company. Recruiters then set up an interview and ensure both the applicant and company are a great fit for each other.

5. Event Planner

Teachers have been planners from the beginning of their careers. You plan lessons, activities, field trips, and every day of the school year. An event planner is a few steps up from teacher planning but we know that former teachers are definitely capable. Event planners are problem solvers and get things done. Former teachers fit great into this role because they often face adversity and only know how to persevere through it. Event planning is a job that is necessary and definitely up the alley for a former teacher.

6. Guidance Counselor

If you’re ready to leave your teaching job, a guidance counselor is your perfect fit. Former teachers can feel burnt out from years of teaching. If you still want to be part of the community to help children, become a school guidance counselor. You can help so many kids stay on the right path and help them succeed in their academic careers. You won’t have to plan any lessons or be in a classroom but you’ll still feel important at your school.

7. Paralegal

Paralegals are essential to law firms. They help with research, proceeding duties, and attend important meetings with the lawyers. Though they do not give legal advice, it is their job to give all the information needed for lawyers to make the best decisions. Former teachers have amazing organization and communication skills. These skills would help them succeed in a role like this. This is a job where you can still feel like you’re making a difference without being in a classroom environment.

Teachers leave their current jobs for a variety of reasons. Lack of support, funding, environment, and other factors can make a difference in how you do your job. Changing your career as a teacher can seem intimidating, but there are plenty of jobs for former teachers. You’re surrounded by kids all day and are now going into the world of more adults. By knowing what’s available with your skill set, you can go into interviews with more confidence and succeed in a different role.

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