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There are plenty of jobs for economics majors!
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What Are Some Jobs for Economics Majors?

Jobs for economics majors can range from financial analysts to market research analysts to actuaries. All of these are fantastic career paths for anyone who is analytical and has a good head for numbers and finance. Plus, economic majors are in demand more than ever. If you are considering a career path in economics, here …
What are some computer science careers you could explore?
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What Are Some Computer Science Careers?

Computer science careers are tremendously diverse, opening up many opportunities for individuals with varying skills and preferences. Some people get into the field because they love technology and want to work with computer hardware, computer repairs, or internet security. Others are more interested in the creative fields of coding, game design, and computer-generated graphic arts …
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5 Things You Need for Your Internship

At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.  Are you attending an internship this year? It’s a great experience that can help with both resume and skill building—especially if it relates to what you’re majoring in. You’ll need a few things to make sure …
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A Breakdown and List of College Degrees

Have you ever wondered just how many different degrees are offered to you through colleges and universities? It’s important to learn about what’s available, because some jobs demand 2 year degrees while others ask for Doctorates. Here’s a breakdown and list of college degrees, both undergraduate and graduate. List of College Degrees Undergraduate Associate’s degree …
Student at work desk with text: why high schoolers should do a summer internship
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4 Reasons High School Students Should Do a Summer Internship

You’ve often heard of college students and recent college graduates getting internships, but did you know it’s also beneficial for high school students to take part in one? It’s something you’ll definitely want to consider! Here are four reasons you should do a summer internship as a high school student. Reason #1: A Summer Internship …
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So You Want to Be a Teacher? 4 Steps to Take

If you’re thinking about being a teacher, congratulations! It’s an exciting career that can be extremely rewarding, especially if it’s your passion to help kids and educate others. If becoming a teacher or professor is something you’re considering, here are some things to know about the journey and steps you’ll have to take to reach …