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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Internship

An internship is an invaluable experience. Not only will it look good on a future resume, but it allows you a sneak peek into your potential career field, gives you industry contacts, and helps you develop relevant skills. You should absolutely consider doing at least one internship during your college years (if not multiple), and …
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The Pros and Cons of a Fellowship

Fellowships are programs that are often associated more with graduate and doctoral students, but some undergraduate students may also benefit from fellowship opportunities. What is a Fellowship? A fellowship is an academic and financial opportunity for a student to work as a research or lab assistant for a professor. Depending on the specific field and …
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The Difference Between Internships And Fellowships

Though some use the terms interchangeably, internships and fellowships differ in quite a few ways. Let’s break down the differences. Internship vs Fellowship An internship is essentially an opportunity for students to gain work experience in a field they are interested in pursuing. Some students may do internships to get a first-hand look at a …
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Careers for Students Who Love to Travel

For some of us, traveling constantly feels like a distant dream, but it’s far more obtainable than you’d think. There are many careers you can strive for that allow you to travel and experience the cultures you’d like to, so let’s go over a few. Diving/Scuba Instructor Potential Majors: Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography  If you …
Are high school internships worth doing the summer before college?
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Should Seniors Do An Internship The Summer Before Their Freshman Year Of College?

Are high school internships worth doing the summer before college? People are pretty evenly divided on this question. Some argue there are other things the soon-to-be-freshman should be focusing on, others say it’ll be a great experience before the busyness of college. Internships aren’t just for college students. Here are some of the pros and cons …
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Fastest Growing Jobs for College Graduates

One thing many college students worry about is finding a job after graduation. While some fields are more competitive than others, there are several career paths and industries that are growing, making new positions available to recent graduates. These are just 4 of the fastest-growing jobs for those with Bachelor’s degrees: Software Developers One fast-growing …
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Possible Careers for a Creative Person

If you have a creative side, you may wonder if you can translate this talent into some sort of career. If you are like many creative people, you may think that there are some limitations when it comes to finding a career in which you can take full advantage of your creativity. In fact, you …
Here are 4 analytical careers for people who enjoy analyzing.
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4 Top Career Options for Analytical People

If you’re trying to decide which degree to study at university, or which area to major in, it can be quite tricky knowing what you’ll enjoy and be good at, and what will provide quality job opportunities for you once you’re finished your studies. One element to consider as you make up your mind is …
Here are 7 in-demand psychology degree jobs you can explore.
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7 In-Demand Career Options With A Psychology Degree

A degree in psychology helps you expand your knowledge of human behavior and thus sets the foundation for a wide range of immensely satisfying career options. Listed below are some of the most in-demand psychology degree jobs. Substance Abuse Counseling As a substance abuse counselor, you would work to help your clients who are addicted …