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Possible Careers for a Creative Person

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If you have a creative side, you may wonder if you can translate this talent into some sort of career. If you are like many creative people, you may think that there are some limitations when it comes to finding a career in which you can take full advantage of your creativity. In fact, you …
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4 Top Career Options for Analytical People

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If you’re trying to decide which degree to study at university, or which area to major in, it can be quite tricky knowing what you’ll enjoy and be good at, and what will provide quality job opportunities for you once you’re finished your studies. One element to consider as you make up your mind is …
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The Main Benefits an MBA Will Have on Your Career

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An MBA is an advanced business degree course, which is well-known around the world. It opens business doors and for many senior positions, it’s a prerequisite for applying. It doesn’t matter whether you are already working in the marketing, finance, technology, or another industry entirely, an MBA puts you on a different career path than …
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7 In-Demand Career Options With A Psychology Degree

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A degree in psychology helps you expand your knowledge of human behavior and sets the foundation for a wide range of immensely satisfying career options. Listed below are some of the most in-demand career options available to anyone with an undergraduate degree in psychology. Substance Abuse Counseling As a substance abuse counselor you would work …
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How Colleges Are Offering Help With Career Assistance

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The job market is a highly competitive one, now more than ever. Fortunately, universities and colleges are rising to the occasion and offering their past students help with career assistance. Even if the student graduated from their school several years ago. College and Career Assistance Earlier too, colleges offered a full range of career assistance …
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Pros and Cons of Job Shadowing

What are the pros and cons of job shadowing? careers & internships
If you’re not quite certain about a professional field, job shadowing is a great option to consider. It’s also a good way for employers to train new employees so that they aren’t being thrown into the deep end, as it were. This is generally a useful time to ask questions about the field and get advice …
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10 Potential Careers for Biology Majors

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If you are intrigued by the science of living things and have decided to major in biology, you will find several exciting opportunities after you graduate. These could range from jobs in biotechnology and healthcare to forensics, conservation, education and more. Some jobs may be field-based, while others may be focused on research and lab …
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