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Miles From Campus: 0.18
I came to know Dizengoff in an unorthodox manner; recently, my wife and I were at the coffee/donut shop across the street from their Center City Philly...

Vernick Food & Drink

Miles From Campus: 0.26
Celebrated a delightful evening at Vernick. After many recommendations, I was able to get a reservation for later 8:30 pm on a Wednesday fairly easily- just...

Capogiro Gelato

Miles From Campus: 0.48
What a place. The gelato is rich and creamy. For the uninitiated, the small cup might not seem like very much. But it is two scoops that will satisfy and...


Miles From Campus: 0.5
Get the rutabaga fondue. I know everyone is ordering it, it's not special, you want to get something else. Don't listen to that special snowflake inside you...

Tria Cafe Wash West

Miles From Campus: 0.54
Editorial note: We need more positive feedback and vibes in this conflicted world.'s an exciting time when I begin a 5-star review, one that...

Iovine Brothers Produce

Miles From Campus: 0.66
I come here at least twice a week so I guess it's time to write a review. Iovine Bros is my go-to produce spot because I know they'll have everything I...

Beiler's Bakery

Miles From Campus: 0.67
Beiler's gets hyped a lot, and for good reason. They have a great selection of flavors, so there's something for everyone. I've enjoyed everything so far,...

The Sweet Life Bakeshop

Miles From Campus: 0.94
DELICIOUS. I actually had to force myself to stop going here. They're so good but the way my eat it set up now... I had to chill. I've tried them all. My...

Christie's Deli

Miles From Campus: 0.98
This place is so awesome. I've been here twice and always crave it and can't wait to go back. I've had the Cuban sandwich and the caprese chicken salad...

Tortilleria San Roman

Miles From Campus: 1.03
One of the big surprises within the 9th Street Market this place is fantastic. Absolute highlight is the chips, they're crispy, fresh, and just hands down...

Stockyard Sandwich

Miles From Campus: 1.04
I recently moved to an apartment building down the street and have been trying to go to Stockyard for a while. I finally got a chance during lunch while...

South Philly Barbacoa

Miles From Campus: 1.16
Cristina and Ben are terrific human beings: they are warm, giving, supportive, and trusting. And their food is delicious! Along with amazing hand made corn...


Miles From Campus: 1.37
Every dish is a delight. Try as many as you can, bring friends so you can share and try more. Don't skip the hummus; the tahina is simply sublime and the...

ICI Macarons & Cafe

Miles From Campus: 1.41
Screw NYC. And let's face it, a flight to Paris is impractical for most of us. Instead, should you have a hankering for some of the most meticulously and...

Cafe La Maude

Miles From Campus: 1.74
Have been dying to try this place and finally got the chance today. It's a mid sized place, and there are a few outdoor tables. We were able to get seated...


Miles From Campus: 2.05
Love this family-run Mediterranean BYOB with awesome food and a laid-back feel. Especially love it on a warm night with its tables on a cobblestoned road...

Mood Cafe

Miles From Campus: 2.39
VISIT HISTORY: - Last visit: last Thursday with a friend - Frequency: this was my second time. First time I came with a foodie friend who had Mood cafe on...

Czerw's Kielbasy

Miles From Campus: 4.63
This place is perfect It's old school but with a modern twist. It reminds me of the butcher show across the street in my old neighborhood. Prices are...

Gelato Dolceria

Miles From Campus: 8.13
Stupefacente! I don't know how many times I've passed by this place, with the intentions on getting gelato. FINALLY the day came. They have decent later...

Nimit Palace

Miles From Campus: 11.86
This place is by far the best Indian cuisine in the south jersey area. Every dish I've had here, from the meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, breads, deserts,...
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Nearby Social Spots

Alma de Cuba

Miles From Campus: 0.14
Love all the "Starr" products but this place holds a special place in my culinary heart! Chef Rodriguez mentored one of my yearlings who now has a brilliant...

Monk's Cafe

Miles From Campus: 0.15
Even if I wasn't a craft beer geek, particularly Belgian beers, this place would still get a top rating for the food and atmosphere. But I am, so Monk's...

Tria Cafe Rittenhouse

Miles From Campus: 0.15
I've had the impression since I came to Philly that I just wasn't the type of person to visit Tria. Toted as one of the premier locations for wine and...

V Street

Miles From Campus: 0.16
Let me start off by saying, I am not vegan or a vegetarian; however, I thoroughly enjoy and seek out vegan foods as I am a huge lover of vegetables and am...

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company

Miles From Campus: 0.17
Ask the bartender Elliott to make what he would want on his last night on earth and trust the process. Sit at the bar so you can watch him, be is an artist.

Federal Donuts

Miles From Campus: 0.17
The fancy donuts are very unique. You cannot find it anywhere else. They always change the flavors. So always check the menu . I had the s'mores and peanut...

Gran Caffe L'Aquila

Miles From Campus: 0.18
Italian-owned, run and tasting - this place is a true gem on chestnut street! The coffee is impeccable, with a very smooth taste - and almost almond after...

Abe Fisher

Miles From Campus: 0.18
11/10 honestly. Where do I start? My friend and I did the prix-fix and we absolutely enjoyed it. With how great the quality and presentation was, I would...

Elixr Coffee Roasters

Miles From Campus: 0.21
Wowww Wowwww Wowwww Best mocha I HAVE EVER HAD! When I return to philly. I will come here again and again

Capogiro Gelato

Miles From Campus: 0.23
I stopped in randomly on a cold day to warm up and it became my new favorite coffee shop! They have really good paninis and coffee with a European feel.

Good Dog Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.24
This place gets 5 stars for being good at what it does. It caters to those who want a simple bar experience. It caters to those who don't want a simple bar...

Village Whiskey

Miles From Campus: 0.24
This is officially my "go-to" place when someone is looking for a recommendation for dinner in Philly. I tried their Village Burger (their standard...

Bud & Marilyn's

Miles From Campus: 0.45
Two weeks ago I was in town for my brother's graduation. The night I flew in, my family and I had reservations at Bud & Marilyn's. We got there a little...


Miles From Campus: 0.46
IndeBlue is great quality indian food which is pretty affordable. The ambiance is slightly upscale but not full-on fine dining. I did like the decorations...

Double Knot

Miles From Campus: 0.46
Had an amazing experience at this restaurant. I think the first interesting thing is that the upstairs of this restaurant is a cafe during the day. At...


Miles From Campus: 0.46
This place is amazing. To begin with, they do not take reservations. If you plan on coming, call about 1 1/2 hours ahead and they can put your name down on...

Charlie Was a Sinner

Miles From Campus: 0.48
I've been here a bunch of times and usually on a weekend night. Whether it's for your first stop or last, there is always a good vibe in here for people...

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Miles From Campus: 0.74
BEAUTIFUL spot. Never seen anything like it. It was $10 for a full-priced adult ticket. Can't imagine spending more than 20-30 minutes here, but it's...
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