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A Breakdown of the Different Forms of Financial Aid

There are many types of student financial aid financial aid
Oftentimes when searching for colleges, the cost is always one of the biggest concerns. College is growing more and more expensive, but it’s also more important than ever to have a college degree. Luckily there are many different ways to pay for college that doesn’t solely rely on out-of-pocket funding. Here we will break down …
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Financial Aid 101 — How to Complete the FAFSA

Here's our guide on how to complete the FAFSA financial aid
The ultimate college pro-tip: Always fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Around 90% of college students receive financial aid of some sort, and filling out the FAFSA is just one way to get some of that financial assistance. College can be expensive, but federal aid can help you out. The FAFSA …
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Why Work Study Isn’t Really “Financial Aid”

What's work study and why isn't it actually financial aid financial aid
In the next few weeks, financial aid packages for college-bound high school seniors will begin to roll through the door. Interpreting and comparing them is one of life’s bigger challenges. In part because financial aid has its own language, in part because each school might do things just a little differently, and in part because …
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Financial Aid for Middle Class Families: Here’s How to Find It (6 Strategies)

online scholarship application financial aid
For many middle class families, applying for financial aid can seem like a cruel joke. You earn too much money to receive financial aid, but you don’t earn enough to write a check for college. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. But, don’t worry–there are options out there for you. I promise! College Raptor was designed to solve this …
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Financial Aid and Unique Family Circumstances: How to Let Colleges Know About Your Financial Situation

A unique financial situation shouldn't stop you from receiving financial aid financial aid
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the federal government’s attempt to put every American family on a level playing field in an effort to award aid fairly. What happens, however, when the FAFSA does not adequately allow you to express your family’s unique financial circumstances? For example, the FAFSA asks you to submit …
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Where Does Financial Aid Come From?

Sources of student financial aid financial aid
Once you hit send on those financial aid applications, what happens next? Money doesn’t suddenly fall onto your doorstep, so where does it come from? In being a good consumer, it is good to know this information. Where do financial aid dollars come from? There are 4 primary sources of financial aid: Federal Government State Government …
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Guide to College Financial Aid

how much is college financial aid
The financial aid equation You can run but you cannot hide. It’s time to face the finances. Before you get into the details of how and when to apply, it’s important to have some basic understanding of how the system works. I promise that it’s not as gruesome as you fear. In fact, the underlying principle …
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Paying for College: Grants, Scholarships and Loans

College Tuition List financial aid
Paying for college You need to understand the difference between sticker and net price before understanding how paying for college works. The amount left after you factor in merit and talent scholarships for the college, need-based aid from the college, and any federal grants for which the student may qualify is your net price. It …
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