Benefits Of A Work-Study Program

If you’re looking for jobs for college students, consider work study. Most students who choose work-study do so in order to earn some extra money to help them pay for college. While work-study programs are a great way to earn a paycheck, they offer more benefits than that. Here are some of the many benefits a work-study program can offer.

Valuable Jobs for College Students

Any type of work-study program hones your time management, problem solving, and other soft skills. These are the types of life skills that will benefit you well beyond college. For one thing your work-study experience will boost your resume and give you the edge when job-hunting. For example, if you’re majoring in criminal justice, working campus security will give you a leg up on future work. What if you don’t end up with a work-study job that directly relates to your major? That’s totally fine; you’ll be surprised how applicable your major is even in a field that seems non-related. 


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Your Work-Study Earnings Don’t Affect Your Financial Aid Eligibility

Work-study is a form of aid but unlike other types, your work-study earnings won’t affect your eligibility for federal financial aid. You are required to report your earnings on the FAFSA, but that is just a formality. What you earn through work-study is not factored in the calculation that determines your award, though you will see work study on your award letter. 

Your Workplace is Conveniently Located Right on Campus

If you’re working a job at the mall, at a fast-food restaurant, or at a convenience store, chances are good you have to drive to get there. Some students may be able to take public transportation, but unless you go to school in a more urbanized area, juggling bus schedules and class schedules around a work schedule can be difficult. One of the great things about work-study programs is that your job is almost always on campus, so you don’t have to spend time travel. Even if it’s not exactly on campus, jobs are usually close by so that you don’t have to worry about transportation. 

The College Works with You in Mind

Work-study programs are a form of federal financial aid. They were established as a way to help students earn an income and get work experience without compromising on their academic performance. To do this, students are not allowed to work beyond a set number of hours per week. Your college will set your work hours so you have enough time to study. That way, you don’t have to worry about not having time to do your homework, study for tests, or even relax. 

Your college will make sure your work-study schedule doesn’t interfere with your classes. Some work-study programs even offer incentives for those who major in their work-study area, so you’re getting experience as well as educational benefits.

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