Benefits Of A Work-Study Program

If you’re looking for jobs for college students, consider work study. Most students who choose work-study do so in order to earn some extra money to help them pay for college. While work-study programs are a great way to earn a paycheck, they offer more benefits than that. Here are some of the many benefits a work-study program can offer.

Valuable Jobs for College Students

Any type of work-study hones your time management, problem solving, and other soft skills. These are the types of life skills that will benefit you well beyond college. For one thing your work-study experience will boost your resume and give you the edge when job-hunting. For example, if you’re majoring in criminal justice, working campus security will give you a leg up on future work.

Your Work-Study Earnings Don’t Affect Your Financial Aid Eligibility

Work-study is a form of aid but unlike other types, your work-study earnings won’t affect your eligibility for federal financial aid. You are required to report your earnings on the FAFSA, but that is just a formality. What you earn through work-study is not factored in the calculation that determines your award.

Your Workplace is Conveniently Located Right on Campus

If you’re working a job at the mall, at a fast-food restaurant, or at a convenience store, chances are good you have to drive to get there. Some students may be able to take public transportation, but unless you go to school in a more urbanized area, juggling bus schedules and class schedules around a work schedule can be difficult. One of the great things about work-study programs is that your job is almost always on campus, so you don’t have to spend time travel.

The College Works with You in Mind

Work-study programs are a form of federal financial aid. They were established as a way to help students earn an income and get work experience without compromising on their academic performance. To do this, students are not allowed to work beyond a set number of hours. Your college will set your work hours so you have enough time to study.

Your college will make sure your work-study schedule doesn’t interfere with your classes. Some work-study programs even offer incentives for those who major in their work-study area, so you’re getting experience as well as educational benefits.

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