Impressive Resume-Building Activities in College

After you spend a couple of months in college, you start to hear people talking about how hard it is to build a resume. They’ll discuss what type of activities they want to do or what clubs they want to join because they look amazing in a resume. Here are some resume-building activities you might want to look into if you want to impress future employers.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering is offering your help to others without getting paid. It involves activities such as painting and building houses, visiting sick kids or elderly houses or even travel to poor cities offering food to the people. When getting involved in these types of activities you are, not only adding some respectful points to your resume, but you are also helping improve a lot of lives.

Join a Club

Especially if it is related to your major. It will help you get experience in topics you will probably need in your future career. It is easy to begin making connections with people who share your interests. If you are studying journalism join the campus newspaper, if your major is music join the marching band, if you are studying laws don’t think twice before joining the debate team. These associations will look good in your resume. They will let your employers know that you have already had some type of experience in a field related to what you studied. Sometimes, these associations or their leaders, offer scholarships to the students who join or even help them find jobs once they graduate.

Work as an R.A (Resident Advisor/Assistant) or T.A (Teaching Assistant)

Students who have these positions tend to know how to deal with unexpected situations. The R.A job teaches you what to say and how to act as a mediator and improves your organization skills. The T.A position means you are a remarkable student in certain areas, capable of explaining classmates the material they don’t understand. You even help the professors on tasks such as grading papers or quizzes. These jobs look amazing in a resume because, all of these, are abilities employers look for in possible employees. Working as an R.A or T.A means you are capable of being a leader, a very important quality anyone should have in the work field

Join a Sorority or Fraternity

Being part of a sorority/fraternity teaches you how to look out for other’s wellness, not only yours. It helps you improve your communication, as well as leadership skills. Greek life activities require organization on things like planning activities or money management. Chances are that if you have “Greek life” in your resume, you’ll have at least a couple of these characteristics.

It is never too late or too early to start building your resume and finding activities to participate in. You can start with things as easy as joining a club you like. Then escalate it to being an R.A or a T.A. The important thing is doing the activities you enjoy doing. If they just represent a source of stress it is very likely you’ll leave them a couple of days into it.

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