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Social Security Disability Benefits for College Students

Joanne O’Riordan, a girl with no limbs, in a wheelchair giving a speech. financial aid
There’s one common misconception about the rules attached to Social Security Administration (SSA). People assume disability programs do not allow disabled individuals and / or their families to save for college. It is true that certain programs impose restrictions on earnings and assets. But, there are ways for you to save for college without losing …
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Financial Aid Makes College Affordability a Reality for Continuing Education

college tuition rates financial aid
Financial aid and college affordability are key topics this election year. And both Trump and Hillary are campaigning to make continuing education a reality. Even President Barack Obama has taken interest, saying America will soon have the highest number of college graduates in the world by 2020. Giving students the monetary opportunity to continue education, …
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Shocking Statistics: Why Aren’t Students Applying for Financial Aid?

A student looking shocked with a hand on their face. financial aid
When it comes to college, nearly the first topic of every conversation is finance. The cost of college has increased dramatically over the years, and it’s all anyone ever seems to talk about. But there’s an important conversation that is apparently not happening: the availability of and applying for financial aid. The Shocking Stats The …
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Why EVERYONE Should Really File the FAFSA

Everyone should file the FAFSA, and there are plenty of resources that can help you financial aid
Let’s face it: Even “affordable” colleges and universities can still take a lot out of your bank account. So if there is a way to pay for a degree without making a huge dent in savings, why aren’t students doing it? Part of it may be because you don’t believe you will qualify for any …
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How to Graduate From College with No Debt (INFOGRAPHIC)

Here are some tips on how to graduate from college with no debt financial aid
For students looking to earn a degree, financial need is a major area of concern. It’s also a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing a college. The cost of school deters many people from even considering the pursuit of higher education. It seems so unaffordable for those with a low to average income. …
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