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I Didn’t Apply for Financial Aid Last Year, Will that Hurt My Chances for Next Year?

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Financial aid is always a tricky business. There are so many questions surrounding the process: How do I apply? When are the deadlines? How do I complete the FAFSA? And what if you didn’t apply last year? Some students may be concerned about their chances of receiving financial aid awards if they didn’t apply for them the year …
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What are Front-Loaded Financial Aid Packages?

What does a front-loaded financial aid package mean? financial aid
A vast majority of students in the United States receive some sort of financial aid when paying for college. This aid can come in many different forms, from scholarships, both private and publicly funded, grants, federal aid, and private aid companies. Needless to say, students should be 100% certain of where their money is coming …
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Fun Facts about Financial Aid in America!

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Many students are anxious when it comes to financial aid. How do I find it? Do I qualify for any? When are the deadlines? While applying for financial aid should be taken seriously—you don’t want to be lax about your applications—it’s always good to step back a little, take a deep breath, and keep these …
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Finding Extra Financial Aid as an Out-of-State Student

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When searching for colleges and universities that interest you, affordability is often a large concern. Among private universities, it doesn’t much matter: they don’t receive state funding, and therefore charge their students the same for tuition regardless of which state they reside in. Public universities are different. Because they receive state funding that comes from …
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Social Security Disability Benefits for College Students

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There’s one common misconception about the rules attached to Social Security Administration (SSA). People assume disability programs do not allow disabled individuals and / or their families to save for college. It is true that certain programs impose restrictions on earnings and assets. But, there are ways for you to save for college without losing …
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