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How To Appeal An Offer Letter for More Financial Aid

A brown letter with a red wax seal. financial aid
Financial aid is something all college-going students look forward to. For some, it makes it possible to pursue their dream of a higher education, and for others, it allows them to attend a college of their choice. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Not all students receive the full extent of financial aid that …
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What Financial Aid Can You Earn From The State Government?

Your state government can also offer financial aid. financial aid
Almost all students know to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA), but many actually forget to check if their state government offers any financial aid. Here are some things you’ll need to know before you start the search. Your Options Depend on Your State Almost every state education department offers grants, …
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Understanding What Your Financial Aid Offer Letter Is Really Saying

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Financial aid offer letters often confuse students and their parents, with unfamiliar terms mentioned in the letter. Unfortunately, misunderstanding some of the key terms can result in making the wrong decisions. That can lead to a long-term impact on their finances. Understanding what your financial aid offer letter is really important. Here are a few …
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Take Advantage Of Work-Study Programs

average cost of bachelor's degree financial aid
Federal Work-Study programs are one more avenue you can explore as you look for ways to get the financial assistance you need to fund your college education. Work-study programs are federally funded programs that help students get part-time jobs so they can earn an income to put towards their college expenses. How Work-Study Programs Works Any …
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Maximize Your Financial Aid With These 3 FAFSA Tips

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Your high grades and impressive test scores have earned you acceptance letters from some of the top colleges in the country. But even with the scholarships you’ve received, you still might need to take a substantial student loan. With their lower interest rates, fairly flexible repayment options, and forgiveness programs, federal student loans should be …
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How Independent Students Can Self-Fund Their College Education

How do independent students self-fund their college education financial aid
Most undergrad students depend on getting at least some financial assistance from their parents but not all families can oblige. Sometimes, their financial situation just does not allow them to offer any significant help towards the cost of college tuition. Or perhaps a student is independent of any familial connections. If you find yourself in …
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Don’t Become Part of the Statistic: Educate Yourself about Financial Aid and Student Loans Early!

Educate yourself on student loans and financial aid financial aid
There are two shocking statistics that have people worried about the price of college. 1) The average American college student graduates with nearly $37,000 in student loan debt. 2) Collectively, Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. Those are pretty scary numbers, to say the least. So how do you avoid becoming part …
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