How To Finish Second Semester Off Strong

End your second semester of college strong.

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Summer is calling and you can’t wait for a break from all the reading and homework. Don’t give in just yet. You know your grades are going to affect your future. You’ve done well so far and it’s time now to dig deep and stay the course.  The small efforts you put in now to finish your second semester of college strong will benefit you in the long run.

Show up to Class

The weather is nice and you would much rather be outside, but make sure to show up to class. Enjoy the sun while you are doing your homework or chatting with friends, but don’t forgo class to soak up some rays.

While in class, take notes, but don’t rely on your technology. Research shows you retain more if you take notes by hand. You can save yourself study time later if you suffer from electronic withdrawal or a little writer’s cramp during class.

Get the Big Picture

Go back and look at the syllabus your professor gave you at the beginning of the semester. It is likely they noted all of the projects, essays, and tests you are to complete this semester. Take a look at what is left. Write the assignments down on a calendar. Sometimes it is easier to look at the big picture to realize how far you have come and see that it won’t take much to finish.

Break it Down

As you look at the calendar with your remaining assignments, note if there are several assignments due within the same week. If there are, prioritize and break down the assignments. Which one will take longer to complete? Which will take the most concentration?

Determine if you can break the assignments into steps: research one day, write the next. The more you break it down, the easier it is to see that not only is it doable, but it is also incredibly manageable.

Plan Ahead

Set aside a specific amount of time to work on each of these assignments, making sure to break it up so that you aren’t overloaded on one day or racing at the last minute to get it completed. Each step gets its own space in time, so be specific in your time-frames and try to stick with the plan throughout your second semester of college.

Reward Yourself

If you stick with your plan, reward yourself. Take the time off you need to rejuvenate the creative juices. Find something fun to do to give yourself a break. Sometimes a break, such as going to the movies or the gym or simply hanging out with friends will help relieve some pressure, so you can return to your assignments with a positive, productive attitude.

The important this is to make sure to maintain the balance. If you aren’t completing the steps you planned out, maybe you are spending more time rewarding yourself than actually working.

Summer is almost here, but don’t check out early. Remind yourself of how far you have come and what little you have left. Keep going to class and break your assignments down into steps. Don’t forget to maintain a balance of working and rewarding. Finish off the second semester of college strong, you will thank yourself later.

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