How to Start off Second Semester Right

Start your second semester off on the right foot

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How did your first semester go? We hope it went well! No matter the results though, it’s important to start your second semester off on the right foot. These are a few great tips for any semester though, so make sure to remember them for later years or even if you starting college this fall!

Set Goals

 When setting your goals for the year, remember they can go beyond your letter grades. How will you get the A’s that you’re aiming for? Set aside goals each week for study time, homework, and any other obligations your classes or majors may require.

A great way to do this is by setting up a calendar. Whether you prefer old fashioned dry erase boards or your phone calendar, they still make great tools for helping you to keep track of everything in your life. Phone apps like Wunderlist and can also help to watch your to-do lists.

The most important thing though is: don’t fall off the wagon. Stick to your goals and plans. It won’t help if you only follow through for the first few weeks. Keep at it and your goals will become reality.

Prepare for Class

During the first few days of the semester, take a close look at your syllabus. This will help you create the goals and plans, but also give you a great idea of what to expect in the coming weeks. If something on the syllabus confuses you, make sure to ask now instead of saving it for the last minute. Write important due dates, tests, midterms, and finals onto your calendar.

Unless you’re sick, try to avoid missing or skipping classes. Too many missed classes can actually drop your grade depending on your teacher, and all the missed information could ultimately affect how well you do on midterms and finals. While you may want to skip class to have a bit more time on a project for another course, it could be detrimental to your grades overall. By planning ahead, you can avoid even this situation.

Find Balance

Finding balance during your college years can actually prove a tough task, but your four years shouldn’t be dedicated solely to classwork or solely to social events. It’s important to find a good balance for your life. After all, college is about the experience as well as the education.

Dedicate time to social events. You can achieve this by joining a sport, club, or group on campus that matches your interest. Another option is volunteering in the local community or taking part in the events either the town or school are holding. You should also try to still enjoy your hobbies or favorite pastimes that you may have enjoyed in high school. They’re part of who you are.

It’s important to pay attention to your health as well. This, of course, includes exercising and eating right, but also pay attention to your mental health. If you are feeling stressed or anxious over grades or anything else, take some time to visit your school’s health center.

No matter what the results of the first semester, you can make the second semester a great one. Keep up the motivation and dedication to your goals and you’re sure to have an amazing freshman year!

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