Colleges with Dogs as Mascots

College mascots are the faces of each institution and plenty of them are known for their mascot. Some of our favorite college mascots include dogs! And we’re not talking about the person that dresses up in the mascot suit that happens to be a dog. There are colleges with dogs as mascots – REAL dogs! And to celebrate National Puppy Day, College Raptor is going to share some of our favorite colleges with dogs as mascots. 

Our Favorite Colleges with Dogs as Mascots

1. The University of Georgia

Source: University of Georgia

One of the cutest dog college mascots is UGA’s! When you think of colleges with dog mascots, the University of Georgia is usually the first one on everyone’s minds. Named Que, this big guy has been the University of Georgia’s mascot since 2015. When it comes to colleges with dogs as mascots, UGA is known for its bulldog. Famous in the state of Georgia, the Seiler family is the primary caretaker of UGA’s dog mascots and has been for over 50 years.

2. Texas A&M

Source: Texas A&M

Reveille has been Texas A&M’s mascot since 1931. This original Reveille ran on the field during a football game and has been named their dog mascot ever since. The dog is a Rough Collie whose hair blows in the wind during her run on the field. Each year, a Mascot Corporal is chosen to care for Reveille. During this time, Reveille will go to events, engagements, and even personal outings with the Mascot Corporal! She’s beauty, she’s grace, and she is the highest-ranked member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M.

3. Yale University

Source: Yale University

Handsome Dan is Yale’s super cute dog mascot. I mean, just look at that face! Handsome Dan is known to be the first dog college mascot when he was named Yale’s in 1890. He’s a bulldog so we know there is some competition between him and UGA’s Que! In 2021, Yale built Handsome Dan his own doghouse at the Yale Visitor Center courtyard where he “works”. He lives with his handler Kassie Haro when he’s not making his campus appearances.

4. University of Washington

Source: Scott Eklund

The beautiful Alaskan Malamute is the University of Washington’s big star. They picked the Malamute because they are said to be the strongest of the Huskies. The most recent mascot’s name is Dubs II who was named UW’s mascot in 2018. Dubs was raised in Sammamish, Washington, and has been very busy since being named UW’s mascot. His handler, Anne-Lise Nilsen, works hard to get him to his sporting appearances and other special appearances.

5. Mississippi State University

Source: Mississippi State University

And last but definitely not least, MSU’s English Bulldog known as Jak is so popular he even has a Twitter! These mascots usually go by the name Bully, but they made Jak an exception. Don’t let his face fool you, he’s a real cuddler! MSU’s dog mascots have had the same caretaker since 1993 who appears at the State games with him.

6. Georgetown University

We see a lot of colleges with dogs as mascots use the beloved Bulldog and Georgetown University is no different! Jack the Bulldog loves to make appearances at sporting events and even takes his daily walks around campus. Jack lives with his caretaker Cory Peterson on the Georgetown University Campus.

Dogs Rule!

These college mascot dogs can be YOUR college mascot if you decide to attend any of these great schools. If one piques your interest, just use College Raptor’s college search tool to find the perfect match for you! Then use our scholarship match tool to get FREE money to go to college!

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