6 Laptop Decal, Sticker, and Skin Options for College Students

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Once you get your own laptop for school or work, you can truly make it your own with interesting stickers, decals, or even an entire skin. We’ve found 6 of the best laptop decal, stickers, and decorations that you can use to show off your unique personality.

Cool Sticker Random Stickers (100 Count)

Cool sticker random stickersThis variety sticker pack has everything from brand logos to funny designs, and all you have to do is peel and stick. Choose from a variety of themes so you can make your laptop look just as cool as your dorm room. It’s like taking some of your favorite posters with you wherever you go. All stickers are waterproof and won’t damage your laptop when you stick them on. Find a theme you love, then feel free to deck out your laptop as much or as little as you want.

Slap-Art Tree Macbook Decal

Yadda Yadda Co Mac laptop decalThis minimalistic, nature-inspired Macbook decal features a tree and birds scattering into flight. If you love nature, then this laptop sticker is perfect to conjure up your inner Stevie Nicks or Hozier. It adds a touch of whimsy without being over-the-top, and it won’t mar the surface of your Macbook when you decide to take it off and replace it with another design. There are hundreds of Mac decals out there. Which one suits you best?

MOSISO Macbook Air Hard Case & Keyboard Cover

No matter which design you are looking for to show off your personality through your customized Macbook Air, you’re sure to find something you’ll absolutely love from MOSISO. You can choose from a wide array of designs ranging from White Marble and Abstract Scrawl Blue to Watercolor Mandala, Wood Grain, and plenty more. There’s even a keyboard protector, so if you accidentally spill some crumbs or water you won’t damage your keyboard. 

ICOLOR Laptop Skin Sticker Decal

ICOLOR laptop decal skinThis delightful art decal is perfect for those who love color and art. Easy to peel and place, you’ll wonder why more companies don’t offer these with their laptops. With a fairly large range of designs and colors, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. These stickers also help you differentiate your machine from anyone else’s. Show off your personality while keeping your laptop scratch-free with one of these skins from ICOLOR.

KEC Laptop Case and Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro

KEC case and keyboard cover laptop decalThe hard shell cover of this laptop case contains a layer of rubber oil paint that gives it a smooth rubberized texture on the exterior. This protects it from scratches, fingerprint smudges, and other damage. And with a range of colors and designs, you’ll have style along with substance. You can choose between a number of colorful galaxy-inspired designs. It also comes with a keyboard cover with similar shades, to keep your keys clean and functional. KEC offers a number of different sizes for various Mac models. 

CaseBuy HP Laptop Keyboard Cover

CaseBuy laptop decal keyboard coverThis HP Laptop Keyboard Cover is just what you need if you work with drinks nearby. It is anti-spill and dust-proof, which means it will protect your keyboard from potential accidents involving coffee or cola and a laptop. Lots of great colors and designs to choose from means you’ll be far from bored when working on your laptop in class or in the dorm.

Let your personality shine no matter where you’re working with these great laptop stickers and decals.

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