5 Great Laptop Cases for College Students

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Whether you’re taking your laptop to class or need it at the library for a bit of quiet time away from the roommates, it’s a good idea to get a laptop case for some protection. To keep it from bumping into desks or falling to the floor while you’re carrying it around, try one of these five great laptop cases for college students on for size.

AmazonBasics Laptop & Tablet Bag

AmazonBasics laptop caseThe Amazon Basics Laptop & Tablet Bag comes in a few different sizes, which makes it the perfect answer for a number of differently sized laptops. Whether you have a 14 inch computer or a 17.3, this can be a good answer for your device. The bag also has room for a tablet or notebook, a mouse, your cell phone, and pens.

ProCase Laptop Case Protective Bag

ProCase laptop caseIf you’re not a fan of black or want something that’s a little different than the normal handbags, you might want to try the ProCase Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag. Available in black, light gray, dark blue, dark gray, mint green, and teal, it can fit a number of personalities. It’s also small enough where you can slide it into your backpack, meaning you only have to carry one bag and not have to worry about your laptop being scratched up by your books or pens.

Lenovo Laptop Carrying Case

Lenovo laptop caseEven if your laptop isn’t a Lenovo, you might want to consider their carrying case. Fitting a 15.6″ or smaller laptop, it’s advertised as both durable and water repellent. If you go to school in an area with a lot of rain, it’s definitely something you have to take into consideration. It also comes in a variety of colors including gray, blue, and black.

MOSISO Neoprene Sleeve Bag

MOSISO laptop caseAnother best seller in laptop bags includes the MOSISO Neoprene Sleeve Bag. Water repellent, it can fit laptops up to about 15.6″ in size and comes in just about any color imaginable, from baby pink to ultra violet. The sleeve bag has a fleece lining, so even if you bump your laptop into something, it’s well protected. It also includes a small case for any accessories you might have, like small chargers or headphones.

tomtoc Original Laptop Shoulder Bag

tomtoc laptop caseIf you’re looking for a laptop bag that has a bit more compartment space for all your school essentials, you should check out the tomtoc travel messenger bag. It includes thick padding to protect your laptop and anything else in the bag, and comes with two large pockets in the front. If you have to fly or travel for school, you may also appreciate the luggage belt on the back of the bag which allows you to attach it to a roller bag and not break your shoulder while you travel between terminals.

One of the most important things to consider before buying a laptop bag from Amazon is the size you need. You don’t want to get a bag that doesn’t fit your computer. This can absolutely influence the type you buy, so it can help you narrow down the choices and find the best laptop bag for you.

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