6 Pencil Cases for College Students

Two dozen sharpened red pencils

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There’s no symbol that personifies learning and school quite like the humble pencil. It’s a staple of back to school shopping lists everywhere. Even with laptops being so popular with note-taking, it’s always ideal to carry around some pens and pencils with you to class. And if you want to keep things organized, you’re going to need a pencil case. Here are 6 handy (and unique) pencil cases to keep all your school supplies at the ready. 

EASTHILL Big Capacity Colored Canvas Pencil Case

Blue pencil case by EASTHILL filled school supplies. Image linked to its Amazon page.It’s cute enough to be a purse, but practical enough to hold your entire school life. The EASTHILL pencil case has several smaller inside pockets and larger outside pockets to help you keep it all together. There’s plenty of place for pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, highlighters, and more. Heck, you could fit a whole stapler in there.

The material is made of a sturdy cotton and canvas, meaning it’ll hold up in your backpack through all bumps and shakes. It comes in three colors / patterns: light blue, white plaid, and purple. It holds up to 50 pencils, so you’ll have the room to carry extras for fellow students who forget their own. Be prepared with this big case.

Homecube Pencil Pouch

Two black rectangular pencil cases by Homecube. Image linked to its Amazon page.This lovely little rectangular bag can help keep all your supplies handy and safe with its deep dimensions and zippered compartment. The center flap keeps your favorite pens and pencils handy so you never have to dig around to find them. The mesh pocket is convenient for slipping in erasers, small notes, and cards.

The Homecube Pencil Pouch comes in five great colors—black, blue, coffee, green, and pink. The double-zipper keeps everything safe and secure. Its slim design will save space in your backpack, while still storing a significant amount of supplies. 

ZIPIT Monster Pencil Case

A black zipper pencil case with monster eyes by ZIPIT. Image linked to its Amazon page.Time to bring a little bit of fun into the mix. Who doesn’t love googly-eyes? The ZIPIT Monster Pencil case is basically one big zippered compartment—the more you unzip, the bigger it gets. There are thirteen color, style, and size options to pick from—each with its own unique expression. 

Get a bunch of ink or pencil marks on it? Don’t worry, it’s machine-washable on gentle cycle. Made of strong polyester fabric, it’ll last you a long, long time. No one will steal your pencils with this guy around.

ProCase Pencil Bag

Two grey pencil pouches by ProCase. Image linked to its Amazon page.For a more professional look, consider this option from ProCase. This two-pack pencil bag is refined and understated, but can store up to fifty pencils or pens. You can even use it for a small calculator, pair of scissors, or other supplies you may need. It’s a high-quality option to keep your supplies safe.

It is available in four nice colors—black, grey, navy, and pink—and is constructed to withstand travel. It’s lightweight, yet incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about tears or holes. The two-pack means you can keep one in the dorm and one in your backpack or purse.

iSuperb Standing Telescopic Cat Pencil Holder

Brown kitten print standing pencil pouch by iSuberb. Image linked to its Amazon page.Cat lovers, this one’s for you. This cute little kitten wants to make sure all your pens and pencils are in one convenient location. Fill this kitty with your school supplies for when you need to go to class or the library. Then fold down from the lower part of his face so you have a convenient pencil cup.

The iSuperb Standing Telescopic Cat Pencil Holder is available in four cute kitten styles. Its a lightweight, but high-capacity design, that brings a little levity to studying. It even has inner pockets so you can keep your things organized further. 

Out of Print Literary Pencil Case

These pencil bags have been designed with English majors in mind. Go ahead and look for one that features your favorite author or book. They’ve got over a dozen options—from the Great Gatsby to Where the Wild Things Are

When you’ve found your favorite, fill it with pens, pencils, bookmarks and highlighters for all your studying needs. You might have a hard time choosing just one, but that’s ok. With all the great designs available, this one makes a great splurge or gift item!

Just because you’re in college, doesn’t mean you have to use a boring pencil case. Get one of these fun pencil cases for yourself today.

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