17 Holiday Gifts Perfect for College Students

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‘Tis the gift-giving season! Looking for fun gifts for college students in your life? We’ve combed through Amazon and found these great presents—whether practical, fun, or both!


The Naked Roommate book - holiday gifts for college studentsThis #1 best seller by Harlan Cohen offers practical (and comedic) advice about a host of challenges students will face. From the titular roommate, to the ups and downs of living in dorms. From laundry woes to party fouls, this guide covers all the good, bad, and uglies of college living—with a sense of humor. College is a time of big changes and new experiences, so having a handy guide to help students navigate it can be a big help. 

5 Ingredient College Cookbook - holiday gifts for college studentsThere are so many jokes about how poorly college kids eat that it’s almost not funny. This handy cookbook aims to change all that, while taking in empty wallets, crammed schedules, and tiny dorm rooms into account. Each recipe is easy to follow, contains only 5 ingredients, and are perfect for on-the-go college students.

School Supplies

Multiple design of Bloom Daily Planners. Click to view its Amazon Page.College days can blur together, especially when late night study sessions are involved. Keep your students on track with a handy (and stylish) desk calendar. This one by Bloom Daily Planners has enough space for notes, reminders, and deadlines—and runs through December of 2022. It can rest on a desk or be pinned to the wall! 

Desk Organizer - holiday gifts for college studentsLess clutter means less stress. Help put your student at ease with the gift of organization. This all-in-one organizer comes with 5 upright holders , a shelf, and a 3-compartment drawer. Perfect for organizing folders, notebooks, papers, and school supplies. It requires no tools to set up, and comes in black or silver colors.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook - holiday gifts for college studentsAfter a semester of classes, your student has probably filled up a few notebooks, so why not try out a reusable one? With 36 erasable pages, this high-tech must-have comes with scannable QR codes so students can send their notes to their email preferred online database. Save the trees, and your wallet, with this smart notebook.

Practical Things

Artika sewing kit - holiday gifts for college studentsCollege is all about independence and learning life skills, even outside the classroom. This handy sewing kit is perfect for students who need to repair a lost button or small tear. It comes with 38 spools of thread (in various colors), 30 needles, a thimble, safety pins, extra buttons, measuring tape, small scissors, clips, and plenty more—all in one convenient case.

Contigo travel mug - holiday gifts for college studentsCaffeine always helps with early morning classes or study marathons in the library. To keep hot drinks hot or cool drinks cool while on the go, this Contigo travel mug is a great option. It comes with autoseal technology that prevents leaks. It also comes in a unique variety of colors, from classic black to radiant orchid.

Sleep mask - holiday gifts for college studentsAh, sleep. A rare and precious commodity. Given the weird hours where college kids can get snatches of sleep, an eye mask can come in handy. These silky-smooth masks from Alaska Bear do just the trick, and are designed to avoid snags or tangles. Pick from an array of designs to fit the personality of your student.

Humidifier - holiday gifts for college studentsDorm rooms are, at best, tolerable in terms of comfort level. If your student lives in a wintry or dry area, a humidifier can be a life-saver. This 1.5 liter humidifier offers 16 hours of moisture, with adjustable mist direction and speed. It also comes with an optional night-light feature. Sleep is hard to come by, so it’s great to ensure a restful night without a scratchy dry-throat.

Many students use their smartphones to take notes, set reminders, and lay out their calendars. Losing power can be a frustrating setback, which is why a portable phone charger is such a handy gift. This external battery by Anker is lightweight, compact, and provides fast device charging with 5000 mAh of power. It also comes in 4 different colors.

Food and Drinks

Ramen cooker - holiday gifts for college studentsRamen is a quintessential staple of the college experience. That being said, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to cook in a dorm room. This ramen tray makes it easy as popping it into the microwave. It’s made from high-grade materials, is BPA free, and is also dishwasher safe—so it can be a gift that keeps on giving, long after your student moves out of the dorms.

French press - holiday gifts for college studentsSweet, sweet caffeine. The lifeblood of college students. Students can use and appreciate this Secura French Press for years to come because this stainless steel beauty is built to last. Complete with fine, triple-layered steel filters, it produces an intense flavor for any coffee grounds or loose leaf tea put into it.

Death wish coffee - holiday gifts for college studentsIt may have a grim name, but this ultra-caffeinated coffee is ideal for college students gearing up for a finals study marathon. It’s advertised as the World’s Strongest Coffee, but promises to be as smooth and delicious as it is powerful. As an added bonus, it’s USDA certified organic and Fair Trade!

Assorted teas

If tea is more your speed, Bigelow has you covered with this tasty variety pack. It comes with 6 classic flavors—Green Tea, Earl Grey, English Teatime, Plantation Mint, Lemon Lift, and Constant Comment (orange spice). It’s a nice and natural calorie-free caffeine option, perfect for on-the-go students.

Fun Gifts for College Students

JBL Bluetooth speaker - holiday gifts for college studentsCollege isn’t just about studying. Everyone needs a break now and then, and one great way to relax and have fun is by listening to music. A JBL Bluetooth speaker is a great way to jam out with friends. It’s water-proof, supports up to 12 hours of play on a single charge, and comes in 9 colors or patterns.

Burrito blanket - holiday gifts for college studentsEver been so wrapped up in a cozy blanket you felt like a human burrito? Now you can actually look like a burrito with this tortilla-print circular blanket. It’s a quirky and fun gift for a college student. Made of plush microfiber, this burrito blanket feels as soft as it looks delicious. And just in case you get a stain while eating a burrito wrapped in this blanket burrito, it’s machine washable.

Echo dot - holiday gifts for college studentsAmazon’s Echo Dot is a powerhouse of useful technology. Not only does it work well to stream music off Spotify or Sirius XM, it can set alarms, or reminders on your calendar (perfect for staying on top of project deadlines). A student can ask about the weather and dress properly for trekking across campus, get updated on the latest news, or ask a quick internet question to help with studying.

Happy holidays!

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