The Most Common FAQs About College Visits

As you determine which colleges you want to apply to for next year, you will most likely be making a visit to a number of colleges on your list of potentials. You may not know what to expect, so here are a few frequently asked questions when it comes to college campus visits.

Why should I visit a college?

Campus visits can give you insight into a school in a way the internet can’t. Visiting or taking a tour allows you to see if the campus is as beautiful as the official pictures show, how students behave on campus, the overall culture, and a peek at the dorm rooms and classrooms. Make sure to also take a look at any cafeterias, restaurants, or food offerings on campus. You can’t always get a true feel for the school online, but an actual visit can give you an idea of whether or not it’s the right place for you.

When visiting, you will also want to visit the surrounding areas, cities, and towns. Does it fit your needs, wants, and personality? Is it busy when you wanted rural? Or vice versa? You may feel the college is perfect, yet you hate the town. Or you may find it’s everything you wanted and read about.

Is there an official tour?

Most likely, there is an official tour for your college. You can either find the information online or call the school’s admission office.

Some colleges will require you to sign up for a tour, so make sure you get the information you need before just showing up. This is partly to ensure that tour groups stay manageable for the guides.

You can absolutely visit a campus too if they don’t have a tour or the times don’t work for you. However, you won’t have the opportunity to ask questions or see specific aspects of the school if you’re not with a guide.

What will the tour include?

What the tour includes is entirely up to the college you’re visiting. Most likely, however, you will get to visit one dorm room building, a cafeteria, some classrooms, sights around campus, athletic buildings, and administrative buildings. Each school may have a different itinerary or way of doing a tour, so make sure you get needed information ahead of time.

Will there be a Q & A session?

In most cases, official tours will include a question and answer session at the end of the tour. Some tour guides will also welcome some questions during the tour itself but may restrict it to a few to ensure the group follows the schedule. Consider any questions you may want to ask before you head to the college for your visit.

Visiting a college before you make a final decision on what schools to apply to or which to attend could save you time and money. These are just a few of the things you can expect to see at a college visit or tour. Each school is different however, so make sure to check in with the admissions office for any specific details.

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