What Will I Experience on a College Tour?

Visiting a campus is a great way to determine which schools rate highly on your list. Physically standing at the heart of campus, seeing the dorms, and touring the school buildings can give you a sense of what that college feels like. For many students, the prospect of college becomes “real” for them while taking a college tour.

So, what can you expect on one of these visits?

Student Tour Guides

Tours are most often given by current students, who are especially trained to give interested high schoolers (and their parents) a walk through of their college. Not only will the tour guides be jam packed with insider knowledge, historic tidbits, and information, but they’ll also be able to answer many burning questions that you have.

A Walking Tour of Campus

First thing that often comes to mind is walking through campus, and there will be plenty of that. Depending on the size of the campus, you may walk all of it or just a small portion. Your guide will point out a few hotspots on campus, either in terms of academia, resource centers, or social events.

A Sneak Peek at the Dorms

Most freshmen students are required to live in dorm rooms for their first year. The size of a dorm can sometimes surprise incoming students, so college tours like to give them a look at what their living arrangements will be like. (Fair warning, they often pick the most updated, cleanest, and sometimes biggest dorm rooms to show off; so what you see is not necessarily what you’re going to get).

Extras During Your College Tour

You may have to request the following in addition to a tour, but they’re a great way to learn even more about the school you’re interested in.

  • Meeting with professor / department head
  • Interview with admissions officer
  • Sit in on a real class

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