Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business | 2019 Rankings

Top 10 Colleges for Women in BusinessDid you know that only 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women? Business is by far and away the most popular major in America, and female students make up nearly half of business degree-earners.

With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some schools dedicated to helping women advance their careers. To be considered for this list, at least 10% of total degrees conferred have to be business degrees. The colleges had to be within College Raptor’s top 800 schools. We then selected schools with the highest percentage of women earning business degrees. 

Here are the top 10 colleges for women in business!

10. Siena College — 41.49%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - Siena College

    Flickr user Siena College

    Location: Loudonville, NY

  • Student Enrollment: 3,239
  • College Type: Private

Siena has strong ties to the Roman Catholic church, and was founded by an order of Franciscan friars. Their athletic teams are known as the Saints, and the mascot is a St. Bernard dog (also named Saint). Appropriately, their fight song is the lively When the Saints Go Marching In.

9. Suffolk University — 43.43%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - Suffolk University

    Wikimedia Commons user Swampyank

    Location: Boston, MA

  • Student Enrollment: 7,461
  • College Type: Private

Suffolk counts mayors, US Federal and State judges, Congress members, and journalists among their alumni. The university has a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1. 56% of the incoming freshman at Suffolk come from Massachusetts, but many others come from the surrounding states of Connecticut and Delaware.

8. University of San Diego — 43.68%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - University of San Diego

    Flickr user John Hrvatin

    Location: San Diego, CA

  • Student Enrollment: 8,508
  • College Type: Private

Of the over 14,700 applications sent in last year, USD accepted almost half of them. Between 25 and 30 are the average ACT scores of incoming freshman; for the SAT the range is 1230 — 1380. Blue and white are USD’s school colors, and they compete as the Torero in NCAA Division I sports.

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7. University of the Redlands — 43.70%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - University of the Redlands

    Flickr user Don Graham

    Location: Redlands, CA

  • Student Enrollment: 5,071
  • College Type: Private

The University of the Redlands always has a real bulldog as their mascot. Their school colors are maroon and gray. In 1913, students carved a large R into the side of San Bernardino mountain, and remains there to this day. Of the total number of enrolled students, 64% of them study at the undergraduate level.

6. University of Richmond — 44%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - University of Richmond

    Flickr user Rob Pongsajapan

    Location: Richmond, VA

  • Student Enrollment: 4,131
  • College Type: Private

At this university, a majority of the students are at the undergraduate level–81% to be precise. 33% of students who apply are accepted into Richmond. Business Administration is by far and away the most studied major on campus. The University of Richmond has a very unique mascot for their sports teams—a spider named Webstur.

5. St. Joseph’s University — 44.36%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - St Joseph's University

    Flickr user David Christman

    Location: Philadelphia, PA

  • Student Enrollment: 8,451
  • College Type: Private

Special Products Marketing Operations is the most popular major at this university, followed by Marketing and Finance. St. Joseph’s has a 91% first year retention rate, and a six year graduation rate of 79%, both well above the national average. Nearly 9,000 applications are sent in every year.

4. Babson College — 47.13%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - Babson College

    Flickr user sporst

    Location: Wellesley, MA

  • Student Enrollment: 3,165
  • College Type: Private

Biz E. Beaver is the mascot of the Babson Beavers, who participate in 22 varsity sports. Though Babson was initially a men’s college, it became coeducational in 1969, and nowadays 47.5% of the undergraduate students are women. Around 7,100 applications are sent in to Babson, though the college will only accept around 1,700 of them.

3. Northwood University — 48.60%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - Northwood University

    Wikimedia Commons user Mgreason

    Location: Midland, MI

  • Student Enrollment: 3,545
  • College Type: Private

Northwood University claims NU Dark Blue and NU Light Blue as their school colors. They’re known as the Timberwolves, and their timberwolf mascot is named Woody. NU plays in NCAA Division II sports. Business, Marketing, Accounting, Vehicle Marketing, and Finance are the five most popular majors on campus.

2. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota — 50%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

    Flickr user Randy Stern

    Location: Winona, MN

  • Student Enrollment: 5,640
  • College Type: Private

Initially founded as a men’s college in 1912, Saint Mary’s University became coeducational in 1969. Interestingly, more women now study at the college than men. 53.7% undergraduates are women, and so are 69% of the graduate students. There is an on-campus cross-country skiing and running trail for students to enjoy.

1. CUNY Bernard M Baruch College — 50.50%

  • Top 10 Colleges for Women in Business - CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

    Wikimedia Commons user Beyond My Ken

    Location: New York, NY

  • Student Enrollment: 18,286
  • College Type: Public

One of the oldest schools in the City University of New York system, Baruch has a 29% acceptance rate. Of the 21,400-some applications that are sent in yearly, Baruch will accept around 6,200 of them. In the athletic circuit, they’re known as the Bearcats, participating in NCAA Division III sports.

About our methodology

Colleges are ranked based on a combination of factors, including graduation rates, campus diversity, endowment per student, and other data as reported via the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for the most recently-available enrollment year. Some colleges may have been excluded from rankings based on certain criteria, including specialization and classification. Learn about our full methodology.

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