Top Ten Highest Paying Careers for Bachelor Degree Holders

Airplane in clouds with text: highest paying careers for bachelor degree holdersA college degree is more important than ever before, especially to reach the highest paying careers. It’s a key element to earning a higher paycheck, landing a dream job, or finding opportunities. While it’s possible to be successful without one, of course, it’s much, much easier to accomplish when you have a degree.

People with bachelor’s degrees can unlock amazing career opportunities. Using College Raptor’s new Career Center, we wanted to check out the highest paying careers that bachelor degree holders can pursue!

10. Air Traffic Controllers

Job Summary: Air Traffic Controllers are responsible for coordinating and also monitoring air traffic to ensure safety in the skies.

Median Annual Salary: $124,540

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: You must have a bachelor’s degree in Air Traffic Control to qualify for this role.

Necessary Skills: Air Traffic Controllers must be familiar with established protocol and must follow all procedures closely. They must have quick problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills to avert mid-air disasters.

9. Pharmacists

Job Summary: Pharmacists dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and also advise patients about their use and side effects. Pharmacists also prepare medications and determine protocols for medical procedures.

Median Annual Salary: $126,120

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutics and Drug Design are two of the more common ways to enter this profession. Other qualifying bachelor’s degrees include Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Clinical and Industrial Drug Development. A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy Administration and Pharmacy Policy and Regulatory Affairs will qualify you for an administrative role in this field.

Necessary Skills: Pharmacists should have great listening and communication skills. Additionally, they should have working knowledge of both chemistry and biology.

8. Financial Managers

Job Summary: Financial Managers coordinate and oversee all financial activities of a company’s department, office, or branch. They scrutinize financial records and monitor cash flow and make recommendations to improve budgeting and planning. They also approve expenditures.

Median Annual Salary: $127,990

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: A bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, General Finance, or Accounting and Business/Management, are some ways to get started in this profession.

Necessary Skills: Knowledge of financial markets, as well as economic and accounting principles and practices is a must in this role. Financial managers must also be familiar with analyzing and reporting all types of financial data.

7. Marketing Managers

Job Function: Marketing Managers develop effective marketing policies and pricing strategies. They have a dual goal – to maximize the company’s profits while ensuring customer satisfaction. As part of their job, marketing managers monitor trends, analyze data, oversee product development, and identify potential customers.

Median Annual Salary: $134,290

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: Any of these bachelor’s degrees in any field related to marketing and merchandising will prepare you for a role as a Marketing Manager. This includes General Marketing/Marketing Management, Consumer Merchandising/Retail Management, International Marketing or Marketing Research.

Necessary Skills: Marketing Managers have mastered the principles of promoting and selling products or services. They develop effective marketing strategies and sales techniques, and organize product demonstrations. Product knowledge and communication skills are essential in this role.

6. Petroleum Engineers

Job Function: Petroleum Engineers analyze geographic data and surveys. Based on their analysis, they devise methods to improve the efficiency of oil and gas extraction and production at that site. They prepare detailed plans, oversee the drilling operations, and offer expert technical advice.

Median Annual Salary: $137,170

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: A bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering will qualify you for this role.

Necessary Skills: Petroleum engineers have vast knowledge of geology, land surveys, and engineering science and technology. The practical application of engineering science and technology is crucial in this field.

5. Airline Pilots / Flight Engineers

Job Function: Airline Pilots/Flight Engineers transport passengers and cargo on scheduled air carrier routes. They take full responsibility for the safety of the aircraft from take-off to landing.

Median Annual Salary: $140,340

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: You will need to complete an Airline/Commercial/Professional Pilot and Flight Crew or Flight Instructor bachelor’s degree to work in these fields.

Necessary Skills: Airline Pilots / Flight Engineers are aviation professionals with expert knowledge in all aspects of this field.

4. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Job Function: Architectural and engineering managers manage a wide range of construction activities, specifically related to architecture and engineering. They determine project feasibility, confirm project specifications, and coordinate all activities on site.

Median Annual Salary: $140,760

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: To be employed in this role you must have a bachelor’s degree in any one of these fields – Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology, Architectural Engineering, or Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Necessary Skills: Architectural and Engineering Managers are experts in the practical application of engineering science and technology. They have in-depth knowledge of design principles, tools, and techniques involved in creating precision technical plans, blueprints, and 3-D models.

3. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Job Function: Computer and Information Systems Managers are skilled in computer programming, information systems, electronic data processing, and systems analysis. They are responsible for analyzing data, developing computer or information systems, and also directing operational decisions and activities.

Median Annual Salary: $142,530

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: There several bachelor’s degrees that prepare you for a career as a Computer and Information Systems Manager. You could complete a bachelor’s degree in General Computer and Information Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Science, or Information Science/Studies.

Necessary Skills: Computer and Information Systems Managers must have in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software, electronic equipment, processors, chips, and circuit boards. Practical application of engineering science and technology are crucial in this role.

2. Nurse Anesthetists

Job Function: Nurse Anesthetist is an advanced nursing position. These highly experienced nurses assist surgeons, anesthesiologists and other physicians during surgical procedures. They prepare medications and medical supplies for use during the procedure. They also administer intravenous medications, and monitor the patient’s condition during and after the procedure.

Median Annual Salary: $167,950

Required Bachelor’s Degree: To qualify as a Nurse Anesthetist, you must first be a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You will then have to earn a master’s degree and national certification before being allowed to practice as a Nurse Anesthetist.

Necessary Skills: Nurse Anesthetists have advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medicine, drug properties and drug interactions. They must be able to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases, injuries and deformities.

1. Chief Sustainability Officers

Job Function: Chief Sustainability Officers are responsible for identifying and addressing environmental concerns within organizations. Based on their findings, they develop, implement, and also oversee customized corporate sustainability strategies. It’s one of the highest paying careers for bachelor degree holders!

Median Annual Salary: $189,600

Required Bachelor’s Degrees: A Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, Finance, Management Science, or International Business/Trade/Commerce will help you qualify for a career as a chief sustainability officer.

Necessary Skills: To succeed in this career, you must have knowledge of materials, tools, and techniques involved in the construction industry. You must also be familiar with relevant production methods, resource allocation, and strategic planning.

The highest paying careers for bachelor degree holders is certainly an impressive list! Interested in any of these careers? Visit their pages at our Career Center to see which colleges are the best suited for those dream jobs. 

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