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what is a gender studies degree
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What is a Gender Studies Degree?

Gender Studies Degrees generally focus on gender identity, sexual orientation, and similar topics, and how they can shape or change behaviors, feelings, power dynamics, domestic violence and more. They tend to be interdisciplinary fields. Although it got its start as “Women’s Studies,” the degree programs have definitely branched out in recent years. If you’re looking …
A large commercial jet taking off.
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4 Great Undergraduate Majors for an Aviation Career

If you’re thinking about going after a career in aviation or aiming to become a pilot, you may be wondering what undergraduate major to go after. These four majors for an aviation career could be exactly what you need to reach your goals. Aviation This is the most commonly chosen major for those going after …
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College Majors for a Career in Architecture

Architects, depending on the specialty, can earn between $50,000 and $150,000 a year (or more in some cases) Is it a career you are considering? You have a couple of options when it comes to undergraduate majors, but you’ll want to be sure you’re taking the right courses to give yourself your best chance of …
A veterinarian holding a dog on a table.
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Majors for Veterinarians

Do you love animals, science courses, and healthcare? If so, looking into schools with majors for veterinarians might be the right path for you.  Veterinarian schools are notoriously difficult to get into, but it’s possible. In fact, thousands of applicants are accepted annually. Veterinary programs do however require specific prerequisite courses, so choosing the right …
High school student playing soccer as an extracurricular activity
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Undergraduate Majors for a Physical Therapy Career

Thinking about becoming a physical therapist? Although you need a Doctoral of Physical Therapy (DPT), your education needs to start somewhere. This is a competitive field and growing, so a good undergraduate degree can help you get into top schools and give you a foundation needed for success. Here are just undergraduate majors for a …
A dentist considering her undergraduate major
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Great Undergraduate Majors for a Dental Career

If you’re hoping to pursue a dental career, you’ll definitely want to consider these undergraduate majors. For a majority of careers in dentistry, you will need more education after your Bachelor’s degree, but these options can be a great start to your education and career. Pre-Dentistry A given, pre-dentistry can be an excellent option for …

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