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6 In-Demand Career Options For Students With a Sociology Degree

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Sociology is diverse and covers topics that range from social causes and consequences, to the complex relationships between the group and the individual. Students of sociology graduate with a comprehensive understanding of sociological issues and how to develop potential solutions and improvements for the betterment of society. A degree in sociology qualifies you to pursue …
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Understand The Difference Between Degree in Accounting and Finance

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There is a subtle but definite difference between a finance degree and an accounting degree. Understanding the difference between the two is important if you are interested in pursuing a career that involves working with money. Degree in Finance A degree in finance will prepare you for a career that involves helping companies and individuals …
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Undergrad Majors To Consider If You Want To Be A College Professor

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Becoming a college professor requires advanced education. Most universities will only consider hiring applicants with a Ph.D. to teach their classes. Very few may hire an applicant with a master’s degree but these are typically limited to assistant and associate level professors. You’ll be studying, a lot. Before considering a career as a college professor …
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Potential Careers for Psychology Majors

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Psychology is a highly popular major. While many students continue on to pursue degrees beyond a bachelor’s, there are still things you can do without further education. This list of careers for psychology majors includes some jobs that require further study and others that do not. Check it out below! Special Education Teacher Yes, studying …
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Potential Careers for Computer Science Majors

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Do you love learning any and everything you can about computers? A degree in computer science might be the right path for you. There are also many different computer science career paths you can take, utilizing different knowledge and skillsets. Check out some possible careers you could have with a computer science degree! Software Developer …
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Potential Career Paths for Business Majors

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Business is the most popular undergraduate major right now. A lot of different majors and interest areas fall under the umbrella of business, allowing for a diverse group of students to study it. Business doesn’t only mean contracts and negotiations—it means working together with others toward a common goal. Here are some jobs that business …
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Potential Career Paths for History Majors

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You love history and you’ve decided (or are considering) to major in this subject. You may already know of some career paths that you can choose from, but here are a few that you can consider. Contrary to popular belief, historians are actually in great demand in a variety of settings. History Education They are …
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