Great Undergraduate Majors for Vet School

Are you thinking about heading to vet school? You will definitely want to give careful consideration to your education prior to applying. Veterinarian schools are notoriously difficult to get into. They require certain courses for prerequisites. Though you can technically get accepted to one of these schools without a degree (as long as you’ve taken the necessary classes) few do (only 1-2%). Most students will have at least a Bachelor’s degree, with many even having a Master’s or PhD, before they continue in this career path.

So which major should you go for if you want to increase your chances of acceptance to a vet school? These four are great undergraduate majors for vet school that can give you an advantage.

A veterinarian holding a dog on a table.

Veterinary Science

Veterinary science is a great degree if you want to go onto become a vet and is designed for those looking to go on to vet school. They may call this major something else at your college, such as Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (like at Penn State). However, they usually include all the courses you will need to meet the prerequisites of a vet school. You’ll take classes in organic chemistry, biochemistry, lab, biology, physics, math. Other classes may include animal science, nutrition, and genetics. Not all colleges will have this specific major, though. Those that do may require you to maintain a certain GPA to stay in the program.


A major that is offered in a wide variety of colleges and universities that will help you get into vet schools is biology. This degree usually has a focus on biology, of course, but you’ll also take courses in other science-related subjects. This can include physics, chemistry, math, and organic chemistry. The kind of required classes depends on the school and the biology program. Just make sure your school offers all the vet school prerequisite majors.

General Science

You can also opt for “general science” majors at your college to go on to become a vet. These vary from college to college, but they will cover just about everything you need under the science umbrella. As with biology, you’ll have to be sure this coursework covers the prerequisites.


Another great undergraduate major for future veterinarians is zoology. This is especially the case for those looking to work as a zoo vet. However, those interested in being a local veterinarian can also benefit from this degree. Your courses will include the study of various animals, behavioral ecology, animal behavior, anatomy, mammalogy, evolution, and chemistry.

Great Undergraduate Majors for Vet School

If you’re thinking about being a veterinarian, you need to give serious thought to your undergraduate classes and major. Getting into vet school is far from easy and a robust application is necessary. You will need top grades and experience needed to stand out among other applicants. These are only four that may work for you.

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