Great Undergraduate Majors for a Dental Career

If you’re hoping to pursue a dental career, you’ll definitely want to consider these undergraduate majors. For a majority of careers in dentistry, you will need more education after your Bachelor’s degree, but these options can be a great start to your education and career.

A dentist considering her undergraduate major


A given, pre-dentistry can be an excellent option for an undergraduate option for a dental career but not all schools offer a Bachelor’s degree with this program. Instead, it is seen as a 3-year prep program at many colleges. The ones that do offer it with a Bachelor’s will allow students to graduate with a B.S. Degree in Arts/Dentistry. This program can also help students get into dental school one year earlier.

Classes include courses on chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, math, and physics.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is one major that is often chosen by those interested in dentistry and biomedical sciences. However, it can be a difficult one. Coursework can focus on biochemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, biophysics, cell biology, and similar courses. Students can expect to learn more about diseases and health conditions in these classes that will help with diagnoses and treatment in a dental career.


Another top choice when it comes to undergraduate majors in dentistry is biochemistry. Students will be taught laboratory skills, calculus, biology, chemistry, diagnostic techniques, and research techniques. This major can come in handy when future dentists need to diagnose specific dental issues.

Biomedical Science

Biomedical science can cover a wide variety of fields ranging from genetics to biology and research to sustainability. It’s a great option for dental careers as it can focus on oral microbiology, bones, tooth development, and similar fields needed for success in this field.

Other Majors for Dental Careers

Although these are all great options when it comes to future careers in dentistry, you are by no means limited to these four. Some other top and popular majors that can be used in further dental education include

Undergraduate Majors for a Dental Career

Whether you’re considering becoming a dentist, want to explore dental research options, or are considering becoming a dental assistant, these majors can all give you the foundation you need for your further education and success.

To find the right program or major for you, make sure to compare different colleges’ majors and programs. Also look up success rates for alumni in the major, career outlooks, and class requirements. You will want to be sure you’re taking the courses and degree programs that dental schools are looking for in order to have the best application when you graduate and the highest chance of acceptance.


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