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What Are Financial Aid Refunds?

Financial aid refunds are refunds that are given to students when the amount of loan given to a student is more than what the student needs for the cost of education. Here’s how it works. The FAFSA and Financial Aid Packages After you submit your FAFSA, you will receive a financial aid award letter. This …
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How Divorced Parents Affect Student Loans

A common proverb reminds us that half of marriages end in divorce. To be more exact, approximately 42% of married couples are divorced. It should be noted that the divorce rate for couples without children is 40% higher than those with children. It’s often said, for good reason, that divorce is hardest on the children. …
Like a gap on a sidewalk, gapping is when a college can't meet the full financial needs of a student.
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A Guide to Funding the Financial Aid Gap

Although many schools offer financial aid packages to help make college more affordable for its students, some individuals find themselves unable to cover the entire cost of their education even with these packages. This is what they call a financial aid gap. If a student is in this situation – what are their options? Finding …
How are scholarships and grants similar and different? Scholarships vs. grants
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Scholarships vs Grants: The Similarities And Differences

In your search for financial aid to pay for college, you’ve likely come across the terms “grants” and “scholarships”. In fact, these two terms are often grouped together in most discussions related to financial aid, and there’s a reason for this. Grants and scholarships are the only two types of free financial aid available to …
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Use Summertime to Search for Financial Aid Opportunities

Summer is a great time to relax, catch up on your reading list, play a few video games, or take on a part-time job. Before college starts up again though, you may want to consider using some of your summer to expand your search for financial aid opportunities. Here are a few things you should be …
how much is the average college tuition
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How To Find A Relevant Work-Study Program

Federal work-study programs help students with financial need earn money that can be used towards their college education. These work-study programs offer undergrad and grad students part-time jobs while they are attending college. The program tries as much as possible to offer students work that is related to the program that they are enrolled in. …
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A Breakdown Of The Student Aid Report

The SAR or Student Aid Report is a detailed document full of abbreviations and numbers. Making sense of it all can be challenging, especially for those who are seeing one for the first time. This short breakdown aims to simplify this document so you can better understand the SAR. EFC EFC stands for Estimated Family …
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What Is Your Student Aid Report Telling You?

The SAR or Student Aid Report is a document you will receive after you have submitted your FAFSA application. This document is based on your answers to the questions on the FAFSA and includes information regarding the type and amount of financial aid that is available to you from the federal government and the schools …
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Why You Should Consider NOT Taking Your Full Student Loan Award

For many students, being awarded financial aid from a school can be a lifesaver. College, as everyone knows, is very, very expensive, and any extra penny helps make it more affordable. However, some decide to forego their full financial award and pay more out of pocket. This may seem ridiculous on the surface, but there …