What Is A Good GPA in High School?

As a high school student applying for college, you’ll hear a lot about the importance of earning a high GPA. But do you know what a good GPA looks like and how it impacts your college application? Taking the time to understand the basics of is important for any high school student applying for college.

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What is GPA & How is it Calculated?

GPA stands for grade point average, and is used as a standard way of measuring a student’s academic achievement. It is the average of the final grades a student has earned in every class they’ve taken over a semester. Unlike standardized test scores, how GPA is calculated is not uniformly standard. It varies from one school to another.

Your GPA is calculated by dividing your average grade points by the total credit hours you’ve attended. For the purpose of calculating GPA, each grade point is assigned a point. For example, grade A = 4 points, grade B = 3 points, grade C = 2 points, and grade D =1 point. These points are added together and divided by the total number of grades to get your grade point average.

Some schools use a semester GPA. Other schools calculative cumulatively.

What Is A Good GPA?

What is a good GPA for you depends on the college you want to apply to. In general, top-ranked universities may require applicants to have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5. Less-demanding colleges will accept students with lower GPAs. In general, applicants are expected to meet a GPA standard of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Very few colleges will accept students with a score as low as 2.0. Anything below 2.0 drastically lowers your chances of getting accepted into a college. Even if you do get accepted, you may not be eligible for financial aid or other support programs or services.

Focus on Your GPA

When it comes to determining whether or not you have a good score, don’t compare yourself with anybody else. Instead, take a look at the minimum grade point average requirement for the colleges on your list. If you meet or exceed their minimum requirement, you have a good grand point average.

Academic experts encourage students to aim for a minimum 3.0. Of course, the higher the better. It expands your college options and boosts your chances of getting into a good college and can a factor in determining your eligibility for merit-based scholarships.

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