Why You Should Check Out A College’s Average GPA And Test Scores

When looking for tips on how to go about creating a college list you might come across advice suggesting that you check out a college’s average GPA and test scores of incoming freshmen. Take a look at how it helps.

How Comparing GPAs and Test Scores Helps

When you compare a college’s average GPA and test scores to yours, you will get a better idea of your chances of getting into that particular college.

If your score is above average, you have a strong chance of getting accepted into that school. Consider these as your safety colleges. If your scores are around the averages of the school’s, it would be a match college.

If your scores are below the average for that particular college, you might have a slimmer chance of getting accepted. Considering how much every application costs, you may want to think carefully about applying to a school if there is a huge difference between your score and the college’s average score. It’s best to only have a few reach schools on your list.

College Raptor Can Help

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