People Who Can Review Your College Application

Getting someone to review your college application is always a good idea. A fresh pair of eyes is more likely to spot a typo, some awkward sentence, or a wrong detail that you may have overlooked. Of course, asking the right person is important.

When looking for someone to review your college application, these are some of your best options:

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Your Parents

Of course, your parents or guardian are the best people to help review your college application. Not only can they assist with things such as accuracy and dates, but they can also help you with decisions such as discussing which major to study and declaring your major, whether or not you should apply for a dorm room, and whether or not a meal plan might be worth your while. Additionally, when it comes to writing an essay, they know you best and can help with the brainstorming!

A Counselor

A counselor has experience helping students with scheduling and scholarships. They are also excellent resources for helping you look over any and all college applications. High school counselors can send transcripts, help you with your official class rank and GPA information, and help you apply for grants and scholarships as well.


Depending on where you want to attend and what you want to major in, teachers are excellent sources of college application assistance. Teachers can explain the nuances of some majors and help with spelling and accuracy. If you’ve asked the best teacher to write you a letter of recommendation, odds are they’re willing to help review your app as well.

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