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Questions YOU Should Ask in a College Interview

A student and an administrator conducting a college interview while sitting at a desk. college admissions
Typically, when it comes to a college interview you’re the one answering the questions instead of asking them. However, when the interview draws to a close most interviewers will ask the student, “Do you have any questions for me?” Your answer should always be YES! Questions to Ask College Interviewer You should have a handful …
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Tips to Help You Beat The Admissions Odds

Here are a few tips to increase your admission chances and get accepted into the college of your choice. college admissions
With the number of college applications far outnumbering the number of places available every year, colleges can afford to be super picky during the selection process. They set the benchmark very high so only the best of the best meet their stringent criteria. While getting accepted into the college of your choice may seem like …
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What Does Rolling Admission Mean and How Does It Work?

Three gears laying together. college admissions
Rolling admissions work slightly differently than regular admissions, specifically with the timeline in which the college makes its admission decisions. With regular college applications, the admissions authorities begin assessing applications as they come in but they finalize the list and send out their acceptance or rejection letter only after assessing all applications that come in …
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What Do Colleges Look For On Social Media?

What do colleges look for when they check your social media? college admissions
Your carefully-put-together application and personal essay tells college authorities a lot about yourself. But, it’s only what you want them to hear. It does not tell the reader much about that other side of you. It’s the side that reserved for your friends and family. That’s what the college wants to know. Are you really …
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How to Appeal an Admissions Decision

Here are some tips on trying to appeal an admission decision. college admissions
Receiving a rejection letter can be a tough blow, more so if you are very keen on attending that particular college. You know you meet all of the college’s selection criteria and more. You’ve gone to great lengths to put together an outstanding application that was sure to impress the admissions authorities. So what went …
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Dealing with Rejection from Your Dream School

Dealing with rejection can be hard, especially when you were rejected from your dream school. college admissions
When it comes to applying to your dream school(s), it’s important to remember that sometimes dreams don’t always reflect reality. Every year, thousands of seniors must come to terms with not being admitted to the school they wanted more than any other. This happens for a variety of reasons, from demographics and numbers to the …
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10 College Admissions Tasks for High School Juniors

There are some things high school juniors can do to make their application stronger. college admissions
In today’s fiercely competitive college admissions scenario, it is crucial to do everything you can—and more—to create an application that will stand out from the rest of the competition. There’s plenty of things high school juniors can do towards this end, but these 10 carry the most weight. 1. Check out testing deadlines Check out …
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The Pros and Cons of Being a Transfer Student

There are pros and cons to being a transfer student. college admissions
Transfers are more common than you might think; in fact, it’s estimated that nearly 1/3rd of all college students transfer at least once during their higher education. The National Student Clearing House Research Center found that 37.2% transfer at least once within six years. As with every decision, there are pros and cons. Each upside …
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How to Nail a College Interview

Here's how you can nail a college interview college admissions
There are many elements to impressing a college during the application process—your GPA, ACT/SAT scores, essays, extracurricular activities, honors, the application itself. But there’s another way you can boost your chances—nail a college interview. If you’re very interested in a specific college, you can meet with an admissions officer during your visit and have a …
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