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The Real Truth About Ivy League Admit Rates

Ivy League admission rates college admissions
Fair warning: This post may make you reconsider some of the colleges on your list. The most selective schools in this country are actually even more difficult to get into than you previously thought. Believe it or not, the meager Ivy League admission rates published by the schools can be misleading. “How so?” you may …
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What Colleges Look For In Students: GRIT

college admissions
Some four-letter words could get you in trouble; they might earn you a detention or garner a reprimand from your parents. However, there is a particular four-letter word that is actually quite appealing. Not only do colleges want you to say this word, they want you to demonstrate it, embrace it, and live it. This particular …
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8 Awesome Organizations that Help Low-Income Students Get to College

There are organizations that help low-income students get to college college admissions
Nowadays, college degrees are more important than ever. Data estimates that by 2020 65% of job offerings will require a college degree. And with college grads averaging a salary double than that of their non-degree-holding counterparts, getting that higher level education is essential. But getting into, paying for, and graduating from college is also no …
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Why Test Scores Matter in College Admissions

Photograph of a student with books, notepad, and calculator, studying because their test scores matter college admissions
Test scores still matter. Even as more colleges are going test-optional, they are still very important in college admissions. In addition, just because a college does not use test scores when making admissions decisions, they may need test scores for other reasons. Here are seven ways they are used in the college admissions process: 1. …
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Why Volunteering Matters for College Admissions

Photograph of college students volunteering. college admissions
Among the many questions I field regarding the college admissions process, one of them is among the most popular: “Is it important that I do volunteering work while I am in high school?” The short answer is: Yes, it does matter. However, like many things in the admissions process, there is more substance to that …
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Dealing with a College Rejection Letter: What It Means to be Denied

college rejection letter college admissions
No matter what anyone tells you, rejection hurts. This includes being denied from a college. Some colleges still send their admissions decisions the old fashion way by mailing a thin envelope with the college rejection letter. Many other colleges have started using technology to communicate admissions decisions by sending an email or allowing students to log …
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