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Questions to Ask Your High School Counselor

A professor talking to students and parents in a classroom. college admissions
Your high school counselor is an excellent resource when it comes to college preparation, planning, and exploration. Not only can they help you craft the ideal class schedule, but they can also give you a leg up on college searches and applications. But counselors are busy, and they have many other students to help in …

Can I Reapply after Being Deferred from a College?

Can you reapply to a college if you've been deferred? college admissions
There’s no way to sugarcoat it: rejection stings. Except, being deferred isn’t quite the same as being rejected from a college. When students apply to a school Early Access or Early Decision, they run the risk of being deferred rather than accepted. Deferral simply means they are postponing your admission result until later—with the rest …

Do’s and Don’ts: Parents at College Orientation

As a parent, there are some do's and don'ts at college orientation. college admissions
College orientation is usually a surreal experience for both students and their parent(s). While you’re trying to situate your mind on how the next four years will play out on this campus, you’re also trying to process the ton of information tour guides are saying. As a parent, understand that your kid may be taken …

Why You Should Interview with a College Admissions Officer

You should interview with an admission officer because they can answer your questions about the school college admissions
Think about your high school guidance counselor. What did they do?  It’s more than just give you your report card or see you every so often. Their job is to help you plan for your future; life after senior year. For some people, that includes college. They’re supposed to listen to your thoughts, goals, ideas, …

College Admission Essay Brainstorm!

Student standing in front of a wall with papers covering it. college admissions
Greetings, college hopefuls. So far, we’ve given you advice on many of the things that we think you need to know in order to survive and thrive during the next four years. For example, what to include on your college applications, we’ve talked about how to deal with the transition and changes, we’ve broken down …

Summer Activities that Will Impress Admissions Officers!

A part-time job, such as being a lifeguard, is a good way to spend your summer, and one of many summer activities college admissions
Ah, summer. The time of late sunsets, BBQs, fireflies, and college prep. That’s right, summer is the perfect time to prepare for college and increase your odds of admission to boot. If that last sentence made you groan, never fret, because there are some great summer activities you can do (sometimes with friends!) to impress …