College Freshman Move In Day FAQs

If you’re moving into your college dorm, you may have a few questions prior to the move in date. Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions.

When Do I Move In?

College students’ move in date depends entirely on their specific school. Your college should have it listed on their website along with any informational pamphlets they may have sent you. Freshmen tend to move in a few days prior to sophomores, juniors, and seniors to help them become comfortable in their new surroundings, so be sure you have the right date. You can generally find this information and other important dates on the school’s online calendar.

What Should I Bring?

You absolutely need to bring the basics when you move into your college dorm, so start by making a list of those. Then move on to your hobbies and free time. You want to make sure you don’t over-pack (it’s the biggest mistake of college freshmen!), or you might find yourself drowning in stuff halfway through the semester. Try to get an idea of how big your dorm room is before you pack.

What Can I Not Bring?

There will most likely be a prohibited list of items at your school. These generally include hot plates, pets, alcohol if under 21, and more. Check your school’s website for more information. Don’t try to smuggle these items in as many colleges have your RA do a walkthrough of your dorm every few weeks. You could be in big trouble if you’re found with a prohibited item.

Where Will I Be Living?

Most colleges allow you to select your own dorm room right on campus. Some offer private dorms, while others require you to live with roommates. You may have had to complete this sign up during orientation, but if you’re not sure where you’re going, make sure you ask your school prior to move-in date.

Can I Pick My Roommate?

It depends entirely on your college’s roommate sign up procedures. You may have met someone during orientation you think would make a good dorm buddy, so try to get in contact with them to see if they’re feeling the same way. You could get randomly assigned. Or you could buddy-up with a friend.

What if I’m Not Living on Campus?

Most schools require at least their freshman to live on campus, but if you’ve decided not to live in a dorm or can’t find available space, there may be options off school grounds. However, you are responsible for this. While your college may suggest locations, it’s important to do research into local apartment buildings or homes for rent. You may also want to consider getting a roommate or two. After you sign the lease, you will be responsible for some of the upkeep, rent, utilities, and more.

If you have any other questions about moving into your college, it’s important to get in touch with your school! Every college is different and they have varying move-in dates and rules you’ll need to pay attention to.

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