Freshman Move-In Day Tips, Tricks, and Advice

The week before and during freshman move-in day can be chaotic, overwhelming, and exciting all at once. The thought of living in a new environment, making new friends, having to familiarize yourself with new rules and schedules—all of this can be exciting. But it can be stressful as well. Not knowing what’s in store can raise our stress levels tremendously.

These few tips, tricks and advice will help you get over those road bumps and enjoy a move-in day that goes as smoothly as possible.

Familiarize Yourself With The College Rules And Guidelines

Your college will have sent you a list of do’s and don’ts as well as the schedule for move-in day. Make sure you read through all of the information thoroughly and adhere to their instructions as closely as possible. Make note of the specific date and time mentioned, the amount of time you have in a loading zone, the number of people that can accompany you and any other check in procedures. Knowing the rules and what you can and cannot do will pave the way for a smoother moving-in day.

Make Lists And Read Through Them Often

Lists can be life-savers. They help you keep track of everything you need to do so you don’t forget something important in the shuffle. Make a list of documents you need to carry and things you need to buy for your dorm room. Make another list of important dates that you need to remember and the things you need to do before that date. Tick things off the list as you get them done.

Pack And Label All Your Boxes Before Move-In

Don’t make these common mistakes, like packing haphazardly. It will be a nightmare to unpack and sort through things in the dorm, delaying the whole process and leaving you feeling frazzled on the first day itself. To speed up the process, organize everything by use. Keep toiletries, towels and bath supplies together. Your bed covers, pillows, pillow covers and duvet should also be packed together. Label all your boxes so you know at a glance what is where. It will make it easier to unpack and put things away in the dorm rather than hunting around for things. Keep all winter jackets and boots together in a box that than be stowed away till you need them.

Speak To Your Roommate In Advance

Have a conversation with your roommate about certain topics, like who is bringing what (especially with regards to big items), dorm room décor style and other formalities including how both of you will use the room and share the chores. This introductory conversation will clear the air about expectations and help prevent potential problems.

Have A Conversation With Your Family Before You Leave

Saying goodbye to your family can be stressful enough. This can be compounded if all of you have different expectations of the day. Your family may want to stay with you as long as possible and even take you out to dinner. However, that may be the last thing on your mind. Different families handle moving-day differently and often everyone has different expectations. You don’t want to be sulking after you get to college and hear that your parents have planned the day differently. Talk to your family, listen to what they have to say and maybe meet half way so you can make a difficult day more bearable.

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