4 Tips to Make Your Freshman Move-In Day Go More Smoothly

Moving is always stressful, even more so when you’re moving to an entirely new place. But there are ways of lessening that stress and making freshman year move-in day more go more smoothly than exasperating.

The most important thing? Be. Prepared. 

Know the Details of Your Move-In

Not everyone can move in at once, it would be far too chaotic and crowded. Instead, colleges space out when students are moving.¬†They’ll let you know your specific time and check-in location—usually by email. Memorize these details and follow them to the letter. If students are late, it creates a domino effect that delays everyone else behind them.

Pack Wisely to Make Things Go Smoothly

Make sure your things are packed for optimal carrying. Try to minimize the number of boxes or containers. Most colleges will offer wheeled bins or those hotel luggage carts to aid you in transporting your stuff, but they are limited and in high-demand, so plan for the worst. You want to make the fewest number of trips possible, so consolidate and don’t make the mistake of over-packing.

Bring Extra Hands

Things go a lot faster when you have help. If possible, enlist the help of parents, siblings, cousins, or even close friends to move you in. Make sure you thank them, and expect to repay the favor in future moving endeavors of theirs. If you don’t have extra help, many colleges have moving assistance programs, usually consisting of upperclassmen that can help haul your things to your room.

Be Patient and Know What to Expect

Moving is stressful. There’s no getting around that. And when it comes to freshman move in, there will be family cars, confused students, lots of stairs, and exhaustion. Be patient. Being friendly and understanding will not only lower your stress, but the stress of those you interact with. You’ll get through the day, we promise.

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