4 Educational YouTube Channels

Today, there are a lot of different ways to educate yourself and gather information both formally and informally. Whether it be through personal experience, doing your own research, or taking a formal class, there is a myriad of tools and resources to learn new things and get the information you need. If you’re looking for a fun way to educate yourself about a wide range of topics, consider checking out educational YouTube channels. Some of these educational YouTube channels focus on explaining common misconceptions and answering frequently asked questions. Others are like mini-courses to give a deeper understanding of a particular topic. Plus, videos tend to be a more pleasant and interesting way for people to learn. Thus, it makes them a great option for students, kids, adults and everyone in between.


TED-Ed is well known due to its link with the viral Ted Talks that are extremely popular on the internet. Slightly different than the traditional TED Talks, TED-Ed’s spreads lessons worth sharing rather than ideas. With 3,408,655 subscribers, it certainly has a strong audience base who find their content to be interesting, relevant and engaging. TED-Ed video subjects range from science and health to learning new languages. Real educators present lessons in conjunction with illustrations and animators to effectively teach and communicate information to viewers.  


With 3,777,145 subscribers, Veritasium is also an extremely popular educational YouTube channel. Topics revolve around science and engineering and are accompanied by action-packed experiments, demos, also and interviews with field experts and the public. Some examples of Veritasium video topics include: Where Does the Sun Get Its Energy?, The Most Radioactive Places on Earth and Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy? The host of the show enjoys identifying seemingly simple, everyday questions and topics that actually have intricate and interesting answers or explanations.

Crash Course

Crash Course has an impressive number of nearly 5 million subscribers. It was founded by the Green brothers, John and Hank Green, who are well-known for their VlogBrothers channel. Though the Green brothers teach the majority of courses, they now have guest instructors who conduct courses. The videos are colorful, fun and well-illustrated which makes them appealing to audiences. Currently, its focus is on philosophy and physics. But, there are 17 seasons of past courses still available for streaming on nearly every subject you can imagine; economics, U.S government, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, literature, chemistry, psychology, ecology, you name it.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a highly renowned, educational nonprofit whose mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Their long-term goal is to develop and offer internationally recognized diplomas, content, and tools to people around the world. By identifying the skills that people need to be successful in today’s world, the Khan Academy can better serve those who lack these skills and provide them access to quality education. Its YouTube channel provides in-depth videos to everything from biology, physics, and math to history and language. Khan Academy also delivers concepts and information through straight-forward, easy to understand instruction often illustrated by the narrator on a chalkboard.

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