COVID-19 and Graduation Ceremony Alternatives

With many states saying students will not be returning to school for the 2019–2020 year, seniors are left wondering what exactly will happen to their graduation. There’s no clear answer yet, but here are some of the graduation ceremony alternatives they’re currently opting for.

Student in graduation cap and gown

Each School is Handling it Differently

Each school across the United States is handling graduation and the related ceremonies differently. Some have opted not to give an answer just yet and to see where the school year goes, while others have canceled graduation ceremonies, prom, and other events outright.

If you’re not sure where your school currently stands, make sure you reach out to them or keep an eye on their website or social media accounts. If they haven’t announced anything yet concrete, they should be soon.

There are Three Common Routes Currently

Sadly, there are very few options when it comes to graduation alternatives (aside from simply canceling the event). One option though is a virtual commencement ceremony. Names will be read aloud over an online conference call.

Another is a homecoming graduation ceremony which will celebrate graduates during the fall homecoming week. This may not be viable for all students, since some will move away for college or work.

A third option is a combined ceremony in the fall, which is mostly an option for colleges. This will allow spring graduates to walk with fall graduates later in 2020.

Schools are Asking For Graduation Ceremony Alternatives

In some cases, schools are asking for recommendations from students, teachers, staff, and the community as to how schools handle graduation. They will then collect the best ideas and put it to a vote. These schools are working to make it as special and as unique as they can under the current circumstances.

The Future of Graduation

With graduation still a month or two away, there is still no clear cut answer on how it will be handled on the larger scale. More definitive answers should be seen in the coming weeks as we get closer to the actual graduation dates. Schools may even rethink their previously announced approach to graduation if situations change.

It’s certainly a disappointment to many hard-working students. Brighten up their day with one of these thoughtful graduation gifts!

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