7 Tea Kettles, Pots, & Infusers for College Students

Scoot over, coffee fans, this post is for the tea-lovers among us, those who prefer a gentle cup of warmth first thing in the morning, or those who need some chamomile to wind down and sleep. If you love tea, this list of tea kettles, pots, and infusers is for you.

Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser

Willow & Everett teapot tea kettlesWhether you want a big pot of tea just for you or you plan on having some friends join you, this glass teapot can handle it all. The stainless-steel infuser and lid are completely rust-proof. If you take the metal out, you can boil your water in a microwave. The tea infuser means you can customize your brew with as much or as little loose-leaf as you like for a perfect cup of tea every time.

VivReal Electric Tea Kettle

VivReal electric tea kettlesMade with a sleek, modern-minimalist design, this electric kettle and water heater from Queen Sense is perfect for heating enough water for several cups of tea. Once you remove it from its base it’s completely cordless, easy to keep clean. It has a non-slip, heat-resistant handle so you don’t risk dropping it or burning yourself. Brewing a cup of tea for yourself and your friends has never been easier. This kettle comes with an auto-shutoff feature to keep things safe.

Chefast Tea Infuser Set

Chefast tea infuser set tea kettlesThis tea infusion set has everything the loose-leaf tea lover needs to make sure every cup is delicious. With a small, medium and large tea infuser, you can make tea as strong as you like and never have to worry that you’ve made any mess. It even comes with a handy metal scoop, so you can perfectly measure your loose-lead tea every time. Easy to clean and maintain, you’ll be using this set for years and years to come.

Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

Sweese tea infuser mug tea kettlesEnjoy your favorite brew with this porcelain tea mug with an infuser built into the lid. The porcelain lid can also be used as a coaster for when your tea is done infusing. The infuser goes down deeper than average and is wider than some other infusers, so your tea can really expand and release all that delightful flavor and aroma! The mug comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including: navy, branch, steel blue, yellow, and specks, among others.

UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Travel Mug

UEndure glass tea infuser mug tea kettlesThere are many of these types of infusers on the market for tea-lovers, but this one is different. The infuser attaches to either lid and it is safe to use for travel. It isn’t just for tea, either—try fruit-infused water or cold-brew coffee too. It’s sleek and modern-looking, with double-insulated clear glass so you can see what you’re drinking. Work or play, you can have tea your way with this tea infuser travel mug from UEndure.

Teabloom Complete Tea Set

Teabloom tea set tea kettlesThis is so beautiful that you may use it for decorative purposes, and we wouldn’t blame you. Teabloom has a wide variety of floral and flowering teas for you to enjoy. It is made of glass so you can see the flowers bloom. And its extra-wide dimensions allow the florals to really spread out beautifully. You’ll love how it looks, smells, and tastes once it has bloomed. It comes with a bouquet of a dozen blooming tea balls. Flavors include jasmine lover, rising spring, floral passion, and golden oasis among several others.

Fred & Friends Animal Tea Infuser

Fred and Friends animal tea infuser tea kettlesYou may have trouble choosing from among these cute animal infusers. What’s more fun than tea with a cute little critter? Fred & Friends features a whale, sloth, cat, narwhal, dog, flamingo, seahorse, hedgehog, elephant, bunny, octopus, and llama. With one of these, you’ll always have a companion for tea time. 

College doesn’t mean the end of your tea obsession—in fact, it may be just the beginning.

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