7 Journals For College Students

Sometimes the best way to celebrate a small win, get through a bad mood, or help your homesick blues is by writing down your feelings. College is a big event for everyone. Some of those memories can’t be expressed with merely a photograph. That’s where these journals come in.

Moonster Handmade Antique Leather Journal

Leather Journal Writing Notebook journalsYou may feel a bit like Bilbo on his journey out of the Shire when you use this Moonster Handmade Antique Leather Journal. Unique and hand-crafted, this beautiful leather journal is perfect for LotR fans, GoT fans, or anyone who feels more in touch with Renaissance Europe than modern-day America. Great ideas are easier to remember when you write them down, and this lovely little blank book will suit that purpose just fine.  

Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskin classic notebookFinally… A journal as low-key as your style. You can’t go wrong with this minimalist classic notebook, with 240 ruled pages and a strong binding. Choose from 9 great colors to suit your individual personality. The Moleskin Classic Notebook has an elastic band to keep the notebook closed, as well as folder pockets on the inside so you can store any pieces loose paper! 

Lemome Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop

Thick Classic Notebook journalsThis journal from Lemome comes with a pen loop, thick and durable paper, and an expandable pocket to keep important mementos. The firm binding ensures that the pages won’t tear off your journal so you don’t lose your precious notes. The thick pages ensure that your artwork does not bleed into the other pages. The Lemome Thick Classic Notebook will last an entire semester, if not the whole year. 

Peter Pauper Press Celestial Journal

Celestial Journal journalsIf you love celestial themes, then this journal from Peter Pauper Press is perfect for you. Fill it with poetry, ideas, or just class notes when you want to keep your thoughts encased in something lovely. The Peter Pauper Press Celestial Journal feels good in your hands and the paper won’t let the ink bleed, so you can write as much as you like. This is so pretty you might want to see all the other designs Peter Pauper Press has to offer.

The Amazing Office Tree of Life Refillable Writing Journal

The Tree of Life journalsThis journal is refillable, has 200 lined pages, feels great in your hand, and even has a pen loop so you’ll always have something to write with when you use it. There’s a magnetic closure to keep your private thoughts or sketches private. Everyone will want to know where you found this lovely little gem of a notebook.  

SohoSpark Faux Leather Compass Journal

Compass Journal journalsThis faux-leather journal will help you keep track of your thoughts and notes, and you’ll look good using it, too. Nautical themes not your style? There are a myriad of covers to choose from when you shop SohoSpark. Take a minute to look through the assortment before you settle for one. The embossed cover designs include mountains, cats, sunrises, doves, and more. You can pick a theme that you like the most. They are all so pretty, you just might want to splurge.

Eccolo Tan Writing Journal

Eccolo Tan Writing Journal journalsFor a writing journal that is no-nonsense, this one is just about as perfect as you can get. Heavy paper, a good feel in the hands, and a strong binding make this journal perfect for sketches, class notes, big ideas, or to help keep you organized throughout your busy day.

No matter how you choose to take notes and take charge of your dreams, there’s a journal here for everyone.

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