6 Gum Packs for College Students

Gumballs with text: tasty gum packs for college studentsWhether you want fresh breath, or you need to stay focused, gum is something everyone should have on them. It’s handy to have a pack in your bag, purse, or dorm room desk. Check out these different gum brands and flavors, perfect for college students everywhere!

Mentos Pure Sugar-Free Chewing Gum (Pack of 6, 50 Pc Each)

Mentos pure fresh gum

Yep, Mentos comes in gum form, too. The original Fresh-maker, Mentos is sugar-free and tasty, so you can keep bad breath at bay. Go with the original mint so you can concentrate during classes or studying. Or if you’re interested in a different flavor, they also have cotton candy, blue raspberry, and 5 other mint varieties. With a 6-pack at 50 pieces each, you should be good for at least the semester, if not longer. 

Simply Gum Variety Pack

Simply Gum variety packSimply Gum has redefined chewing gum when it comes to truly all-natural option that makes everyone happy, including Mother Nature. The assortment pack comes in a variety of great and savory flavors. If you find one that strikes your fancy, you can always purchase just that flavor, or keep going with variety. Everyone loves the environment, and with this assortment pack, you can keep your breath, and the Earth, clean and fresh.

EXTRA Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum (10 Pack, 15 Sticks Each)

EXTRA polar ice gumEXTRA gets its name from its long-lasting flavor and great taste. You won’t mind being EXTRA when you chew it because it delivers a minty zing that will help you focus. As a bonus, this option is sugar-free! Get the box for 150 sticks of gum that helps break the ice and keep breath fresh. You’ll instantly become the class’s best friend if you’re willing to share. 

Pür Gum Variety Pack

PUR assortmentThis great assortment of flavors from Pür will keep your taste buds happy. They come in six unique flavors—peppermint, cool mint, wintergreen, pomegranate mint, cinnamon, and spearmint. It’s great for when you are studying or when your brain just needs a little boost. Pür is as pure as its name. It’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly, safe for diabetics, nut- and dairy-free, so everyone can enjoy!

Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewing Gum (40 Pack, 5 Pieces Each)

Wrigley's doublemint gumAmong gum brands, Wrigley’s is a staple. Wrigley’s Doublemint is the original refreshing mint that high school and college students have relied on for generations. Cool and crisp, this chewing gum tastes good and keeps breath fresh for a long time. Good for finals and midterms – it will help keep you focused without giving you the jitters of caffeine.

Juicy Fruit Starburst Strawberry Gum

Juicy Fruit Starburst gum

Ready for some sweet childhood nostalgia? Juicy Fruit and Starburst have teamed up to give you the ultimate in tasty strawberry gum. If you’re more into sweet than minty, this gum is perfect for you.  Take a study break with Juicy Fruit and Starburst.

Gum is something everyone should have on hand. It’s easy to stick a pack in your bag for on-the-go needs. Chewing gum can keep your mind sharp, which of course is ideal in college classes. So pick your favorite gum brands or flavors and study up!

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