6 Decorative Magnet Options For Your Dorm Room

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One of the nice things about college is that you can decorate your dorm or apartment however you want. Using a magnet is a great way to show off your style while keeping yourself organized. Here are 6 great decorative magnets we’ve found that we’re sure you’ll love.

Power Pins Assorted Color Push Pin Magnets

Power Pins push pin magnet

These vibrant magnets look just like push-pins, but without the danger of poking someone. Large-sized, multiple colors, and a cute design make these magnets perfect for holding up to-do lists, pictures, or little reminders to yourself. The multi-pack means you’ll never run out, and because they are magnetic, you don’t need to worry about stepping on them or poking yourself with the sharp end.

OXO Good Grips Magnetic Mini Clips

These little magnets are strong, pretty and practical. They are handy as magnets, chip-clips, or just an extra organizational tool around the room or apartment. Choose from a set of 8 in white and gray color. The OXO Good Grips Magnetic Mini Clips have a non-slip grip so photos won’t get marked, and lists won’t slip out. You can even use them to clip documents together. Easy to see and use, you can’t go wrong with these cute little magnets from OXO.

Officemate Assorted Heavy-Duty Circle Magnets

Officemate circle magnetThese colorful and simple minimalist circles have a heavy-duty magnet on the back, so whatever you choose to post will stay put for a long time. These can also be used as a decorative element, and because there are a variety of colors and sizes, you can use as many or as few as you want. Who says practical couldn’t be fashionable?

Ninth Five Magnetic Clips

Silver magnetic clipsThe magnets on these hooks are so strong you won’t have to worry about them falling off. They work great for small stacks of mail or even as a bag clip. The magnets blend right in on the back and are guaranteed not to slip or scratch. Whether you’re posting a list or letting your roommate know where you might be, you’ll love these heavy-duty clip magnets from Ninth Five. Multipurpose and affordable, what’s not to love?

Wind & Sea Magnetic Picture Collage Frame

Wind & Sea picture frame magnetMissing home? Want to celebrate a roommate bonding memory? Sometimes the best way to post your cherished photos is with a picture frame. This one from Wind & Sea is perfect for a dorm room or apartment. Whether you use it for pictures, artwork, or just somewhere to stick little lists or motivational sayings, this magnetic frame is perfect for housing memories or keeping you motivated, while staying exactly where you want it. 

Magnetic Poetry Little Box of Happiness Kit

Magnetic Poetry fridge magnet poetryWe’ve saved the best and most fun option for last. Magnetic Poetry has been popular since its inception, and it’s been a huge hit with kids, teachers, parents, and college students. There are a bunch of different kits to choose from, all with different words and themes. Whether you’re killing time in the kitchen, or procrastinating on studying, you’ll have fun writing poems with this magnet kit.

Stick to the important stuff with these magnets, and then stick it on the fridge so you won’t forget.

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