4 Toasty Room Heater Options for Your College Dorm

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Your dorm room may get a bit chilly from time to time! If the dorm’s heater isn’t keeping you warm enough, it may be time to consider a room heater. These four will do the trick, but always make sure to check your college’s rules regarding space heaters before purchasing one.

Here are 4 great (and toasty) options to consider.

Lasko Space Heater

Lasko room heaterWhen it comes to heating, it’s best to have some control of the temperature. After all, you don’t want things to get too hot or too cold. This Lasko space heater comes with adjustable controls. With two quiet settings—high heat and low heat—there’s also an adjustable thermostat. It oscillates, so your room will get a nice even heating. Want to set it on a timer and forget it? You can do that! And don’t worry about overheating, the Lasko space heater comes with plenty of built-in safety features that will keep things cool to the touch.

Pelonis fan heaterThere’s not a lot of room in a dorm, so compact is the way to go. This space heater from PELONIS is just what you need. Not only is it ergonomically sized, but it also comes with tip-over protection so you can’t accidentally knock it over and melt the carpet. It warms the room quickly and evenly thanks to its oscillating feature. This heater even comes with a fan function, to cool things down if need be. Controls are easy to handle and it comes with an auto-shutoff feature for safety.

Pro Breeze Space Heater

Pro Breeze space heaterPro Breeze’s Space Heater also deserves a look. Perfect for under the desk or just near your bed, this heater includes easy to use adjustable settings for high heat, low heat, and a cool blow fan. Whatever temperature you need, this little heater has you covered. It’s small enough to be just right for a dorm room. It also includes overheat protection to help avoid accidents.

Dyson Hot + Cold Jet Heater

Dyson room heaterWant a heater that’s as fashionable as it is functional? Check out this Dyson fan and heater combo. Sleek, modern, and undeniably cool, it features air blade technology for a minimalist feel. Complete with remote control, it can heat up a room or cool it down depending on just what you want. Additionally, it comes in different colors and models. If this iron red isn’t your style, check out their other options: from black/nickel, iron/blue, to white/silver.

These four space heaters can help you keep you focused on your studies, instead of thinking about how cold it is in the room! But remember to always double-check that your college or university allows space heaters before purchasing one.

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