5 Unique Gifts for Psychology Majors

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Looking for the ideal gift for your favorite psychology major? We have found five fun options filled with wit, whimsy, and cleverness! Students studying the fascinating field of human behavior are sure to love any of these great psychology gifts.

Check them out!

Freudian Sticky Notes by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild

UPG Fruedian sticky notesFor better or worse, Freud is one of most well-known figures in the realm of psychology. Need to take a note or make a quick observation before you forget? These zany little sticky notes are here to rescue you in your moment of need. There are three different types of notes in this little pack. One featuring Sigmund Freud himself, another looking like his personal stationary, and colorful flag tabs. These sticky notes are small enough to carry in a backpack, yet spacious enough to write an actual note. Unique and humorous, these sticky notes are sure to be appreciated, loved, and used.

3D Brain Color Changing Lamp by Elstey

The human brain is a complicated, fascinating thing. This fun 3D brain-shaped lamp changes color—with 16 different vibrant shades and a smart color remote to control it. It pulsates when it is in “rainbow” mode, in which all the colors make a brief appearance. Good for those who are intrigued with brains, it will make the perfect study lamp. It can be used all year round and doubles up as a cool prop for Halloween. 

Concept Board Game by Asmodee

Concept gamePsych majors can get together after class and play this fun game, in which players need to solve riddles based on visual clues. Easy to learn, but challenging to play. Using icons, players try to describe a concept without speaking. What images would you use to describe a dinosaur? Perhaps a green block, a reptile, and clock? This game is a a workout in creative thinking and non-verbal communication. It’s a great gift that will keep them and their friends entertained for hours on end. 

399 Games, Puzzles, and Trivia Challenges by Nancy Linde

399 Games Puzzles and TriviaPsych majors love solving mysteries, cracking codes, and getting down to what really makes someone tick. This collection of games, puzzles, and challenges is sure to thrill them with brainteasers that require logic and skill. Everyone loves a good challenge and with this pack, they’ll have plenty to keep them entertained for hours on end. Readers can keep their minds sharp and young by challenging them every day with the logic games in this handy book. 

Classic Notebook Journal by Minimalism Art

Minimalism Art plain notebookThis minimalist, 192-page blank book has a pocket for notes or small documents and can easily fit into a purse or a backpack. The covers come in a variety of bright or subdued colors. Your psychology major will love to take notes, make observations, or create lists using this classic notebook. It’s a great idea to journal out thoughts, questions, notes, or problems. This journal even has a ribbon page-marker. 

Let your student know how much you admire their hard work with one of these great psychology gifts.

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