What Should I Wear to a College Campus Visit?

Many people wonder what to wear to a college campus visit

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A college visit is an excellent way to narrow down your top picks. Your dream school may feel like home, or it may feel unsatisfying, prompting you to look at other colleges. Either way, a visit can help you make the big decision of where to attend.

So, understandably, college visits are a pretty big deal. Many people have some must-ask questions, like what should I wear? We’ll break it down for you!

What You Wear Depends on When You Visit / What the Weather’s Like

There are college visit opportunities year-round: Summer, spring-break, winter break, and even during the semester. Depending on where your chosen schools are, this can mean a big difference in terms of temperature and weather conditions.

Dress smart. If you’re visiting in the summer, wear lighter clothes so you don’t overheat. If you visit in spring or fall, dress in layers so you can bundle up if it’s chilly or shed a jacket if it’s too warm.

Casual vs. Dressy

Many people wonder if they should dress up at all, or if they should remain casual and comfortable. The answer really depends on what you’re planning to do while on your visit. If you’re in for the standard campus tour, then casual is just fine—maybe some nice jeans and a college t-shirt. But if you’re planning to nail a college interview with admissions, meet with a professor, or chat with department heads, you definitely want to dress up a little more. This doesn’t mean full suit-and-tie, of course, but maybe go for khakis or slacks instead of jeans, and wear a nice blouse or jacket instead of a novelty t-shirt.

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