Understanding a School’s Profile on College Raptor: Social Media Tab

social media tab

Flickr user Ali Eminov

A newer feature on our site is the incorporation of social media posts from the school or from individuals in that area on our social media tab. This way, users like you can see them and get a better feel for what the campus culture might be like. We currently do not have social media accounts connected to every single school, but we are working to continue implementing them constantly. 

We first have tweets from the school and other related timelines. This is a great way to see if the school is pretty active and engaging via Twitter. You can also sort the timelines to see more specific categories, which might be sport-related, or from an alumni group. If you’re interested or really like a certain tweet, you can like and reply to it directly from our page.

The next section on the social media tab shows Facebook posts related to the college or university. These can be from various pages, such as clubs or student organizations. We also included various community events with regular posts on what the groups are up to. Similar to the Twitter timeline section, you can like and share any pages you find interesting. This section also includes categories that you can sort by.

The last section may include related YouTube videos. These can be a lot of fun to actually see the campus and surrounding area, if you have never visited the school. Some schools may have videos made by students, showcasing what life on campus is really like at that school.

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