Learn About a School From Talking to a College Professor

Before you decide upon a college, you definitely want to visit each one you’re interested in. While there, you should chat with a few people around campus. You’ll want to talk to a current student, someone in admissions, and, if possible, a college professor in your intended major. You can learn plenty from them about the school by speaking with them, including these four things.

Students listening to a college professor lecture

About the College Professor’s Program

Ideally, you should try to talk to a professor within the department you plan to study in. One of the main things you can learn about while speaking with a college professor is about the program they’re in. You’ll be able to find out what the requirements are to graduate, how tough they think the courses are, upcoming potential changes to the curriculum, and plenty more.

Ask them to go into depth about the program. What do they think are must-have classes as electives? If this is the major you choose to go into, their advice can be invaluable. Nobody knows better than the teachers themselves.

What Classes Are Like

If possible, ask the college professor to talk a bit more about individual classes in depth. How many students are in an average class of theirs? Are the students engaging? Do they participate? How much homework and studying will these courses require? It’s possible, also, to sit in on a class and witness a teacher in action first hand.

All of these types of questions will give you further insight into the program and individual courses. You’ll be able to know what to expect at this particular school before you attend. This will also help you to compare two or more schools to each other.

Available Resources on Campus

Resources available on campus vary from school to school. While one college may have an extensive library, another may have a smaller department. One school might have a large art department that is inviting, while others might have less artistic options.

Ask them about the resources you’ll need for your particular major. If your courses require a lab, ask what the labs are set up to do. If your major needs extensive research, is the library adequate?

About Another College Professor

While the college professor won’t badmouth others in their department or even within the school as a whole, this is your opportunity to ask about other teachers you may have. Consider what you’ll have to expect from them. Are there any professors that they recommend as must-takes? Some teachers can be life-changing and this professor will definitely know which are the most engaging, exciting, and informed in their subject! Take their recommendations seriously, but also do your own research.

A college professor can have a lot of insight into a particular school, insight you may not be able to get elsewhere until you attend and experience the college for yourself. The teacher probably only has a limited amount of time to chat during your visit to the campus, so plan your questions for them carefully to ensure you’re getting the answers you need. If you don’t get a chance to talk to them during your visit, you may be able to find an email address where you can contact them.

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