Pros and Cons of Having a College Minor

A college minor is something many students wonder about. Is it worth minoring in something? Should I just double major instead? A college minor can be a great addition to your degree, but there are some drawbacks too.

Here are the pros and cons of having a minor in college.

PRO: Complement Your Major

If you select one that complements your major (ie: Business major, Marketing minor) it can serve as an added boost to get you into the industry you want to pursue. It is additional specialized education, and can give you the added skills that can assist in your job search and career.

CON: Distracts from Your Major Classes

Having one means having more work. More homework, more studying, more tests, etc. All that effort and attention can detract from your main focus—your major. A minor is supplementary, it shouldn’t take center stage.

PRO: Explore Other Areas

Some students select a major that’s completely different than their major (ie: Computer Science major, Film minor). Whether you want to study a passion, or get a feel for another area of study, a minor can be a great way to test out a different path while giving yourself marketable skills.

CON: More Classes, More Money

Additional graduation requirements demand more classes, more time, more tuition. It can be a strain on the wallet to add stuff on top of your existing schedule. More time can also lead to additional years attending the school and your odds of graduating in four years will change.

PRO: Effort Recognition

Minoring in something means you’re going above and beyond the bare minimum. That effort can impress potential employers as you’re searching for jobs after graduation. It’s an extra bonus if the minor is in an area applicable to them.

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