5 Bizarre College Majors in the U.S.

For every ordinary, there is extraordinary. A majority of college students might find themselves pursuing more traditional degrees. However, for some college-bound scholars traditional is not the way to go. There are a number of bizarre and unusual majors out there in the wide world of college. For example, in the UK you can major in the Beatles, in Australia, there’s Surf Science. But, for this article, we’ll focus on interesting majors offered in the good U.S. of A.

Floral Management

Floral management is one of the more interesting majors.

Flickr user Ryan

Mississippi State University

Some people stop to smell the roses, Floral Management majors stop to arrange them. A degree in Floral Management prepares its students for a career as florists. A job running a flower shop is no walk in the garden, however, as owners must master both botanical science and aesthetic. After graduation, these majors can look forward to careers like garden design and management, hospitality floriculture management, retail floristry, and wedding / bridal design planning.

Turfgrass Science

Flickr user CameliaTWU

Flickr user CameliaTWU

Penn State University

Many might think that AstroTurf is the modern superior to old fashion grass, but those who major in Turfgrass Science might disagree.  Students in this degree program will learn how to manage all sorts of sporting services—from golf courses to soccer fields. Classes will include topics on pesticides, turfgrass breeding, soil science, and plant nutrition, among many others.

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Professional Nanny

Flickr user Caitee Smith

Flickr user Caitee Smith

Sullivan University

No longer just a career for summer-job seeking teenagers or magical British ladies who fly with umbrellas, you can, in fact, get a degree in Professional Nannying. It involves much more than just babysitting, however, and will its students will learn about child language development, school readiness preparation, socialization tactics, and much more.


Flickr user Joe Penniston

Flickr user Joe Penniston

University of Connecticut

Pinocchio should be thrilled that the artistry of puppet making and performance is still alive and well today—in fact, you can get a Master’s of Fine Arts in the craft. Classes to get such a degree include Practicum in Puppet Arts, Trends in Contemporary American Puppet Theatre, Advanced Hand Puppet Theatre, and more. Geppetto, eat your heart out.

Adventure Education

Adventure management is one of the more interesting majors offered.

Flickr user Jeff Moore

Plymouth State University 

We’ll round out the list with a major that would make any daredevil or thrill-seeker base-jump for joy—Adventure Education. Instead of traditional classes, this major offers students courses in whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, rocking climbing, and mountain backpacking. The program readies its students for careers in adventure recreation, which is much more than leading a hike through the woods. The major is for those who are not faint of heart, but rather who seek out adventure in their everyday lives.

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