Hayden Stewart
Hayden Stewart is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for Hi Quality Tutorials. He stays up-to-date on the college admissions process and is particularly interested in making sure future college students enter their next steps in life fearlessly and confidently.

6 Reasons You Should Become an English Major

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It’s not uncommon to hear academics advocating for college freshman to pursue STEM degrees, claiming that these skills are the most marketable in our economy. But despite all the changes in media, education, and business, the skills that come with an English degree are both necessary and desired. So, no, you don’t have to teach …

5 Reasons To Choose A Double Major

college majors & minors

It’s safe to say that the majority of students anticipating applying for, or about to start, college wonder what they should choose as their major. It is a critical decision, and asking an eighteen-year-old to make such a choice when it will have such an impact on their career and potential life-path is a very …