Top Ancient Studies/Civilization Bachelors degree Programs - 2023

A program that focuses on Western and Non-Western cultures and related topics in the periods of Pre-history and Antiquity. Includes such disciplines as ancient languages, archeology, history, art history, geography, population studies, environmental studies, religious studies, and the social sciences.

While Ancient Studies/Civilization has degrees up to the Masters degree, most students earn a Bachelors degree. Students major in Ancient Studies/Civilization all around the US, though the major at the Bachelors degree level has the most graduates in Massachusetts. The average starting salary for an undergraduate degree in Ancient Studies/Civilization is $47,533.

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Top Colleges for Ancient Studies/Civilization

Wellesley College is a top choice for students who want to major in Ancient Studies/Civilization. Students can earn up to a Masters degree at the school. Wellesley College grants about 7 Bachelors degrees to those majoring in Ancient Studies/Civilization each year. However, Bates College and Barnard College are also options to consider. Take a look at the college options in the table below.

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Careers for Ancient Studies/Civilization Majors

The highest paying career for Ancient Studies/Civilization majors is Historians. But, something else to consider is how much demand there is for specific positions. A position that is in high need that a degree in Ancient Studies/Civilization can prepare you for is Historians.

Top Paying Careers for Ancient Studies/Civilization

  1. Historians   (Median Wage: $63,940)

Most in Demand Careers for Ancient Studies/Civilization

  1. Historians
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