Our free planning tools will help you guide your students on their journey to college and beyond.
College Match
College Match
Our College Match tool provides a wealth of information for students and their families. Each student can discover:
  • college matches with every U.S 4-year college
  • colleges that best match academic and cultural fit
  • family net price estimate for every college
  • admission chances at every college
  • what actions they can take to increase acceptance odds
Find College Matches
Counselor Resources
Our resources help high school counselors serve students and parents and are intended to promote financial literacy, improve college access, and increase student success.
If you would like additional materials about College Raptor or have specific guides, videos or materials that would be helpful for your students, we are happy to facilitate requests. Just email our Marketing and Outreach Specialist, Grant Cooper.
Career Finder
Majors & Careers
Some high school students know exactly what career path they want to take after they graduate, while others have no idea. Our Majors and Career Finder tools offer insight into in-demand careers and the colleges that best match with certain career paths.
Scholarships are the best way to pay for college but finding scholarships your child qualifies for can be a challenge. Our scholarship search tool makes finding the right opportunities a breeze.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Offer Comparison
If your child has been accepted at multiple colleges, help them navigate the complex, confusing, and sometimes misleading terminology in their financial aid offer letters. Use our tool to see whether they are getting a good deal compared to our AI predictions.

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