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Finding colleges with best scholarships and financial aid

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Education experts behind College Raptor

College Raptor has partnered with a number of education leaders and experts to create a platform that serves the needs of all types of students, parents, counselors and campus staff.

Dr. Richard Ferguson

Richard Ferguson

Richard Ferguson served 22 years as the CEO and Chairman of ACT, the most-taken college entrance exam in the United States.

Dr. Ted Sanders

Ted Sanders

Ted Sanders has served as acting Secretary of Education for the U.S. Department of Education and lead statewide school programs in Nevada, Ohio and Illinois.

Michael Barron

Michael Barron

Michael Barron spent more than 45 years in college admissions, including managing admissions at the University of Iowa for nearly three decades.

Dr. Kenneth Craycraft

Ken Craycraft

Ken Craycraft is former chief academic officer and vice chancellor for the Texas State University System.

Dr. Larry D. Large

Ken Craycraft

Larry is a retired university president and a professional campus administrator with over four decades of experience.

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