How To Diversify Your Scholarship Search

Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes. Do a search for scholarships and you are sure to find several offered for just about any theme you can think of.

A search for foreign language scholarships will throw up hundreds of results for every foreign language possible, even some you may not have thought about. There are even scholarships for students who speak Klingon!

The beauty of scholarships is that you may be eligible to apply for multiple scholarships that have varied requirements. For example, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship for a foreign language, and at the same time you may also be eligible to apply for a music major scholarship, and another because you belong to a certain community. The secret to maximizing the amount you win by way of scholarships is to diversify your search.

If you are wondering if it really worth spending so much time searching for scholarships, the answer is: yes it is. Scholarships are free money.. You don’t have to worry about returning it, nor do you need to worry about paying any interest. What’s more, you can apply for and win multiple scholarships and keep them all so whatever time you spend on your search is well worth it.

Here are a few ways you can diversify your search and maximize your chances of winning multiple scholarship awards.

Explore Scholarships Based on Hobbies

Make a list of all your hobbies, past and present. Do a search for scholarships awarded for each of the hobbies on the list and bookmark those that you are eligible to apply for. Make a note of everything you need to submit as part of your application. Some scholarships may require you to submit a portfolio of your work. Others may require you to submit a personal essay highlighting your accomplishments or maybe demonstrating what you have learned from that particular activity.

Look For Scholarships Awarded For Your Selected Major

There are scholarships awarded for almost every major you can think of. Some of these are awarded by the colleges themselves and others are awarded by private organizations or NGOs. Do an exhaustive search and apply to all opportunities that you are eligible for.

Research Community-Based Scholarships

Many local businesses often award scholarships to support the educational goals of members of their local community. These may be advertised through the local newspaper, on school notice boards, at community centers or even the church. Check all avenues and ask around so you can avail of these awards. These are easier to win because only a limited number of students are likely to meet the criteria.

Don’t Overlook Your Military Connections

There are several scholarships available for anyone associated with the military. It is well worth checking out military scholarships, whether you are a member of the any of the branches of the military yourself or you are closely related to a service member.

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